Gold Coast Abseiling & Canyoning

Join a Gold Coast abseiling and canyoning eco-adventure, and find out what it would be like to be Indiana Jones, or Lara Croft.

Indiana Jones or Lara Croft?

Use your imagination and work with me on this! Admittedly, you won't get to snappily use a lasso whip or handle weapons or perform martial arts, but you will get to try an adventurous outdoor activity.

Canyoning is all about exploring and following the waterways found at the bottom of a gorge.

It combines a number of activities, including bushwalking; scrambling over rocks; picking your way through ankle-deep streams; wading or swimming through deeper waterways (not always because you have to, but simply to cool off) and abseiling.

If abseiling doesn't give you a real adrenaline rush, then you'd best check with your doctor to find out if you're already dead!

Using ropes, you'll negotiate your way down steep rockfaces and literally walk down the vertical incline.

Don't worry if you've never abseiled before though - it may be challenging at times, but you'll get plenty of help and most of the Gold Coast abseiling courses are short and relatively easy.

Going over the rockface for the first time will be the hardest thing you do - but with your safety equipment providing security, and your experienced instructor providing guidance, you'll reach the bottom in no time at all.

Abseiling in Lamington National Park, Queensland TQ

And when you complete your very first abseil, you'll be rewarded with a sense of exhilaration and personal achievement.

You'll be unstoppable, totally confident, on top of the world - Hello Indiana Jones or Lara Croft!

You'll trek through World Heritage national parks and cool rainforest areas where palms, ferns, and giant beeches reign supreme.

The scenery is breathtaking and the incredible array of bird and other sounds of nature will only enhance your experience.

If canyoning in warmer months, you'll undoubtedly welcome the opportunity to cool down in a mountain rock pool, or to walk beneath a crisp, clear waterfall - perhaps even abseil one!

Depending upon which national park you're visiting, water jumps and slides over large, smooth rocks to the water below will certainly revitalise you for the continuation of your adventure.

All participants of Gold Coast abseiling and canyoning tours are encouraged to be aware of the principles of Minimum Impact Bushwalking.

Put simply -€“ at all times, be respectful of the natural environment you're entering.

You don't require any previous experience to undertake this adventure activity, and there is no maximum age limit. However, you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness since it calls for several hours of physical activity.

There may be a minimum age limit for children, so check with individual tour operators when booking your tour.

All in all, you're bound to find Gold Coast abseiling and canyoning to be an enlivening wilderness experience. If you enjoy the outdoors and being active, this is an adventure activity you should not miss!

Update re Gold Abseiling Tours: The demand for Gold Coast abseiling canyoning tours is not high enough to provide a sustainable business for tour operators to offer regular tours to the hinterland.

However, if you get a group of family or friends together, then it's possible to organise for a tour operator, such as Paramount Adventure Centre, to take your group abseiling.

Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is the only operator that offers abseiling on an ongoing basis, open to all. Abseiling courses are generally run on Sunday mornings, although this may change, so give them a call and check what their schedule is. Tel 07-5533 3622.

Binna Burra offer three different abseiling courses, all at different heights:

  • The 10 metre abseiling course costs $35 per person;
  • The combined 10 metre and 40 metre course costs $70 per person; and
  • The combined 40 metre and 90 metre course costs $99 per person.

Other Activities: If you're interested in abseiling, you may be interested in indoor rockclimbing or the Aerial Ropes Challenge Course at Mt Tamborine (refer box in right column).

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- 10 metre course: $35 per person
- 10 metre/40 metre combo: $70 pp
- 40 metre /90 metre combo: $99 pp
- Tours will generally arrange a rest-stop before heading into the rainforest; thereafter be prepared to duck behind a tree in Aussie bush style if you can’t hold the call of nature until your return!
Take a snack, as you won't be near any cafes during the actual abseils.
Wet Weather
Extra care is needed in light rains, as surfaces are slippery. This activity is not suitable in heavy rain or high winds, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
- Binna Burra tours generally run on Sunday mornings, although this may be subject to change.
- If you organise your own group, tour operators may be able to provide a custom tour on the day of your choice.
Half to one day courses, depending on height of abseils, and number of people.
Handy Hints
- All equipment is included in the tour cost.
- Wear clothes that you’re prepared to get wet and dirty, or wear swimmers underneath (boardshorts are good, as they dry quickly).
- Wear boots or joggers; definitely no sandals or thongs.
- Take a backpack with hat, sunscreen, drinking water (2 litres per person) and snacks!
- You may wish to bring a towel and a spare set of clothes/shoes for the trip home.
How To Get There
Refer map below for Binna Burra Mountain Lodge.
Further Info
Binna Burra Mountain Lodge
Tel 07-5533 3622

Paramount Adventure Centre
Tel 07-5593 6919

View Binna Burra Mountain Lodge in a larger map

Aerial Ropes Challenge Course

A great alternative to abseiling is the Adventure Parc at Tamborine Mountain, which has an aerial ropes challenge course set over 9 acres.

Safety harnesses (and instructors!) are provided, to guide you through the jungle games, elevated challenges, and flying fox rides.

Several ropes challenges are suitable for kids, although height requirements apply.

Adventure Parc is open daily: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, and weekends 9am-5pm. Last entry is 3pm. It is closed on Dec 25-26.

Cost is $45 per adult; $37 for kids under 18 years; discounts for families/groups.

You'll find them Thunderbird Park, on the corner of Tamborine Mountain Rd & Cedar Creek Falls Rd. Refer map below.

For further information, contact 1300 881 446 or 07-5545 1468.

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