Gold Coast Accommodation STAR Ratings

AAA Tourism manages the Australian accommodation STAR ratings scheme, and independently assesses the quality and services of accommodation provided by all licenced members.

Whilst there are ten STAR rating categories which provide detailed standards (for hotels, resorts, self-catering apartment, etc), the table below offers a general guide of the meaning of STARS one to five:

5 star accommodation Outstanding establishments characterised by luxury appointments offering an exceptional standard of facilities, furnishings and guest services.
4 star accommodation Very well appointed accommodation reflecting stylish décor throughout and a high standard of facilities, furnishings and guest services.
3 star accommodation Well appointed and comfortable accommodation with a good range of facilities and furnishings.
2 star accommodation Basic accommodation with clean and reasonably well maintained range of facilities.
1 star accommodation Very simple and clean, no-frills style accommodation with limited room facilities and often a shared bathroom.
0.5 star accommodation A half STAR is awarded to properties that provide a more extensive range of facilities. (Example: a 3.5 star property provides more extensive facilities than a 3 star property, but does not meet the criteria required for a 4 star rating.)
Source: AAA Tourism

The STAR ratings system involves a formal set of criteria for each STAR rating, which accommodation providers must meet on a continuous basis.

This includes factors such as the quality and condition of décor and room facilities; the level of cleanliness, the types of facilities and services offered, and the availability period (eg. 24 hours a day) of such facilities and services. It does not include staff attitude.

Complaints or feedback regarding accommodation STAR ratings for a particular establishment may be forwarded to AAA Tourism.

Given staff attitude is not included in the STAR ratings, yet may be an important factor affecting your level of satisfaction with an accommodation provider, it's suggested you forward any complaints or feedback directly to the manager of the accommodation.

What is 'self-rated' accommodation?

This is where an accommodation provider has chosen not to join the national STAR ratings scheme and, instead, guestimates what their quality and service level would be rated if they were a member. Hence their property is 'self-rated', and not independently audited by AAA Tourism.

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