Gold Coast Adventure Activities

There are many fantastic adventure activities on the list of Gold Coast things to do, so if you're looking for an unusual and exciting experience to try on your Gold Coast holiday, something different and maybe a little bit wild, then you’re in the right place.

Here you'll find details of options to provide that adrenaline rush, allowing you to select a fun activity that's just right for your personal level of challenge and risk.

And these activities are not just for macho-type men, either. In fact, I've seen a grown man almost weep at the thought of skydiving out of a helicopter!

The Gold Coast adventure tours listed below are for the young AND the young-at-heart, and for both males and females.

Of course, commonsense applies and you need to pick your activities well - I can't imagine your grandma would be particularly interested in playing skirmish, no matter how fit she is.

On the other hand, put her on the back of a harley davidson motorbike or take her on a vintage bi-plane flight, and she'll love it. And you'll get some great pictures for your family album too!

Seriously? I am serious. Don't let age ('too young' or 'too old') be a factor that determines whether you can have fun and try new things. Live, and let live, is a great motto to have!

It's good for adults and kids to give your comfort zone a nudge, as you learn more about yourself, and often feel proud of yourself for doing something that was, at first, a little bit scarey.

So if you're a parent, you may like to check out the adventure activities that are suitable for kids.

On a scale of 1-10 in terms of how wild or challenging your adventure is, and how far it takes you out of your comfort zone, you don't have to choose an activity that's a '10' straight away.

One suggestion is to first choose an activity that you'd rank as a 2-4 on your personal adventure scale. And note that everyone's scale is different, and unique to them.

So don't worry what your husband/ girlfriend/ parents or anyone else says or thinks. Your personal scale will be different.

In my case, bungee jumping is definitely a '10' - it may be adventurous, but would terrify the ... um ... pants off me.

But abseiling, I can do - for me, this is a 3-4. I did it with a group of friends, so it was good fun, made me feel a bit adventurous, and I felt really good afterwards that I had tried something different.

And, who knows, sometime in this lifetime I may well do a bungee jump - but in the meantime I'm happy to have fun slowly working my way up my personal adventure scale.

So, I dare you, try something a little out of the ordinary, and seriously check out the adventure activities below.

If you can't do something wild and different on your Gold Coast Australia holiday, when can you?

Harley Riders, Surfers Paradise JC

Take a Ride on the Wild Side… On A Harley Davidson
Experience the thrill of thundering along Surfers Paradise esplanade or Mt Tamborine rainforest roads astride the undisputed king of bikes, with a tour on a genuine Harley Davidson. There's always a wonderful sense of freedom borne of traveling by motor bike - but perched atop a Harley, it's nothing short of exhilarating. A great adventure activity, here's your chance to show a little daring!

Overlooking Hinze Dam, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland TQ

Up, Up & Away in a Hot-Air Balloon
What an idyllic way to see the Gold Coast Hinterland, or Tweed Valley and Coast... This thoroughly enjoyable adventure activity will have you floating high above the ground aboard one of the most romantic, old-fashioned forms of transport. Don’t be fooled though, into thinking that you've seen it all before from an airplane window ... it's an entirely different experience peering over the edge of a basket in the open air!

Vintage Biplane Flight, Gold Coast JC

Take a Ride in a Vintage Airplane
Take a flight in a restored Tiger Moth and max out this adventure activity with barrel rolls, spins and loop-de-loops... or you can take the post-adventure option and gently putter above the Gold Coast enjoying an open-air, birds-eye view of the fabulous scenery and Surfers Paradise beaches. Either way, you're in for the ride of your life!

Tandem Hanggliding, Australia

Watch the Hanggliders Soar – And Join Them If You Dare
Tandem hang-gliding at Mt Tamborine or Beechmont in the Gold Coast Hinterland with a qualified instructor is a wonderful way to experience the excitement and exhilaration of flight without having to learn for yourself. Once you feel the adrenaline rush brought on by running-up and launching off the mountain into the calm, serene world of flight, you'll want to do this adventure activity for hours...

Abseiling in Lamington National Park, Queensland TQ

Join An Abseiling & Canyoning Adventure
Perhaps you've never actually pictured yourself as an Indiana Jones, or a Lara Croft, but on this eco-adventure in World Heritage national parks, you'll come pretty close! On this Gold Coast day tour, experience an adrenaline rush as you’ll negotiate your way down steep rockfaces, using ropes, and literally walk down the vertical incline. Don't worry if you've never abseiled before - it may be challenging at times, but you'll get plenty of help.

Helicopter Passengers on a Scenic Tour

Get High on the Thrill of A Helicopter Ride
You'll be enthralled on a Gold Coast helicopter sightseeing flight. From the tingle of anticipation you'll feel the moment you book the flight; to the flutters and butterflies you'll have when you climb aboard; to the absolute thrill of vertical lift-off, this will be an experience to remember! And did we mention the spectacular views and scenery?

Gliding Adventure, Coolangatta JC

Soar in a Glider
Flight has always captured man's imagination and there would be few among us who haven't wished we could soar among the clouds and circle the sky like a giant bird, randomly riding the thermals and reveling in the freedom. Gliding is one means of flying that comes close to capturing that freedom and, on your departure from Coolangatta, you'll experience this wonderful, fun and extremely exhilarating activity.

Tandem Skydive, Queensland TQ

Tandem Skydive Experience
Picture yourself leaping from a helicopter or airplane and freefalling 3km back to earth at speeds approaching 200 kph … senses on overload; wind roaring in your ears and your face trying to wrap itself around the back of your head. If you're into adventure and looking for an intense, exciting experience - then tandem skydiving on the Gold Coast will blow your mind!

Speedkart Racing, Gold Coast JC

Speedcart Racing A La Gold Coast
For some great Gold Coast motorsport, put your driving skills to the test on a karting circuit that offers bends and curves from easy to hairpin and which are more than enough to put some excitement in your day! All laps are electronically timed and depending on how vivid is your imagination, you could well be Michael Schumaker heading down the straight to the roar of 200,000 spectators!

Two Girls experiencing the Flycoaster, Surfers Paradise AC

Defy Gravity on the Slingshot or Flycoaster at Adrenaline Park
Fancy being a human catapult and being slung 80 metres into the air at speeds of over 160 kph? Or how 'bout swinging through the air with two of your friends, starting 11 storeys high and reaching speeds of up to 125kph, in an incredible stomach-lurching, adrenaline pumping experience? You'll either find these ideas incredibly insane, or incredibly exciting ... there's no middle ground for these Surfers Paradise attractions.

Playing Paintball Outdoors

Outwit Your Friends in Skirmish (Paintball)
For a challenging and fun outdoor adventure activity, test your skills in a game of traditional paintball.
Outplay Your Friends in Laser Skirmish
Or, for some slightly cleaner fun, forget the paint and play the game with laser weapons instead.

Zorbing on the Gold Coast, Queensland JC

Go Zorbing
Climb inside a giant inflated ball, put on a harness, and be launched off a gentle hill, where you'll roll to the bottom! Up to three zorbonauts can fit inside the giant zorb ball, so you can double or triple your fun with family or friends. There's even a hydro-option where water is added inside the ball - an utterly unique way to cool down on a hot or humid day. This is one adventure you'll always remember!

Stunt Driving on the Gold Coast Queensland JC

Show Off Your Driving Skills & Learn Some Stunts!
This exciting adventure activity will give you a front seat position in an incredible experience - watch and see how professional stunt drivers perform their craft, and then get behind the wheel yourself and have a go. With an experienced stunt driver instructing you, there's no better way to learn. By the end of the session, you'll be amazed at the new skills you've learned - sliding corners, 180 degree turns, and more. The most difficult thing to do will be to restrain yourself from practicing on the way home!

Seaplane Landing on Gold Coast Broadwater, Queensland TQ

Enjoy a Seaplane Adventure
A seaplane flight is a double adventure activity and twice the fun. You'll experience the thrill of flying over the beautiful Gold Coast and seeing the landmark theme parks, mountains and coastline from the air. And you'll have the excitement of landing on the smooth Gold Coast waterways, and swimming or picnicking on one of the pristine beaches that are difficult to access by more conventional means.

Indoor Rockclimbing, Gold Coast JC

Try Your Hand at Indoor Rock Climbing
If the spectacular rock-climbing scenes in the movie, Mission Impossible 2, inspire you to test your stamina and endurance in a similar situation, then an indoor climbing wall on the Gold Coast is a great place to start. This adventure activity may not turn you into Tom Cruise, but it will certainly create some excitement and a fair share of adrenaline...

Mountain Bike Riding, Australia

Test Your Mettle On a Cross-Country Mountain Bike Ride
Mountain biking is a fun way to explore the Gold Coast Hinterland, get some outdoor exercise & try a new adventure activity all at the same time! And don't worry - you don't have to be super-fit to go mountain biking, so almost anybody can try their hand. Once you've tried it, you might just find yourself hooked!

Bungee Jumping, Surfers Paradise AC

Bungee Jump Adrenaline Rush
3 - 2 - 1 - bungee! That's your cue to jump... adrenaline pumping through your body; heart beating madly as you freefall to the ground; stomach following a second or two behind in this incredible adventure activity. Then, even as your mind notes with some concern that the ground is rushing up to meet you, you're already on the rebound. That's how fast it all happens, at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast!

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