Amusement Centres on the Gold Coast

All the family will enjoy a fun-filled few hours at your choice of amusement centres for some great Gold Coast entertainment. Who has the fastest reaction speed and best hand-eye coordination - mum & dad, or the kids?

Seems that kids have never-ending energy and are always on the hunt for the next activity - especially during holidays!

The various amusement centres around Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast will occupy their attention for a good few hours.

Laserhunt and various interactive video games provide the opportunity to hone your skills - and don't be too disillusioned when your kids beat the pants off you - they've probably already finely-tuned these skills through their playstation!

You may have an opportunity to avenge yourself though when you show them a thing or two on the ski simulator - it's so realistic, the only thing missing is the snow in your face!

Amusement Arcade, Surfers Paradise JCYou'll find plenty of games of skill, and challenges. They're suitable for players of all ages (although you may have to assist younger children), making it a great way to share some good, family fun.

If your kids are old enough - and you're game enough! - make a friendly, fun competition out of it: loser buys the ice-creams!

And of course you don't have to be a parent, and you don't have to be a kid either, as an excuse to visit a Gold Coast amusement centre - it's an excellent outing for everyone where the emphasis is on fun! fun! fun!

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Toilets, snacks.
Wet Weather
Venues are indoors.
Operating Hours
7 days, generally from mid-morning ‘til late.
Usually keeps kids aged 10+ years occupied for a couple of hours; younger kids may have a shorter attention span.
Handy Hints
- TBA.
How To Get There
Refer map references below.
Further Info
Refer operator table below.

Snooker World?
2520 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach
Tel 07-5572 0877?

Hot Shots Billiards Saloon
Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise
Tel 07-5592 2585
Fun & Games
Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise
Tel 07-5526 9004
Funtasia Time Zone
Paradise Centre, Cavill Ave Surfers Paradise
Tel 07-5539 9500
Funtasia Time Zone
Australia Fair Centre, Southport
Tel 07-5571 2081
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Broadbeach
Tel 07-5572 4751
Xtreme Amusements
Australia Fair Centre, Southport
Tel 07-5531 2200
Zone 3 Laser Games
Showcase Centre, Coolangatta
Tel 07-5536 7488

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