Animal Themes for Gold Coast, Australia

The diverse range of animal themes on the Gold Coast stretches from watching the wonderful humpback whales through to peering into the life of the humble, simple glow worm.

Yet each of these, and all the others in between, will provide entertainment that will have you, and your family, enthralled.

There's a well-known saying in the film business that you should never work with children or animals.

Happily, it's another story entirely when you're on your Gold Coast holidays... at which time children and animal themes go together very well indeed!

I've visited many of the animal themed attractions below with my own family visitors, and we have always thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

For my family, there is something special about interacting with animals that adds an extra dimension of pleasure to the experience. You may find this too?

But you don't have to be an enthusiastic animal lover to enjoy these animal themed activities...

You'll have the opportunity to visit and learn about the fascinating Australian native animals - from the cute and cuddly koala and joeys (baby kangaroos) through to the amazing and unique platypus.

In some of the animal themed adventures, you'll be itching to get closer - and indeed, you'll be able to explore and touch many native animals, as well as some scaly, reptilian creatures, and a number of cute baby farm animals.

... whilst in other activities you'll be more than happy to keep well away from the animals you're observing - such as freshwater crocodiles, sharks and tigers!

Yet the thing all these animal themed activities have in common?

They all offer something unique, and provide enjoyable experiences for all the family.

So as you plan ways to further enjoy your Gold Coast holidays, why not join one of these delightful activities or visit one of the excellent animal themed attractions below?

Feeding Kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland TQ

Take Sanctuary With the Wildlife
At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, you'll meet some native Australian animals - feed the kangaroos, and cuddle a koala bear. Or join in the famous hand- feeding sessions for the wild Rainbow Lorikeets - an amazing spectacle! The kids (& adults too!) will love riding the miniature train around the park, and you'll be riveted to the Nunukul Kunjeil Aboriginal Dancers as they perform traditional tribal songs and dances in this unique Australian cultural experience.

Freshwater Crocodiles at Fleays Wildlife Park, Gold Coast JC

Encounter Wildlife at Fleay's Park
You'll have some wonderful wildlife experiences in Fleays conservation park, where you'll see the unique Australian platypus, watch a crocodile feeding session, and stroke some snakes and lizards! You'll get to experience some distinctly different environments - rainforest, wetlands and eucalypt - and see many other native Australian animals, with the raised boardwalks around the park providing easy access for prams and wheelchairs.

Koala Bear, Gold Coast Australia JC

Visit A Koala Sanctuary
Dogs bark; sheep bleat; ducks quack - but do you know what noise a koala makes? Visit this koala sanctuary and find out the answer. This cleverly designed centre has a series of interactive displays that will entertain the whole family whilst providing many interesting facts about the koala's habitat and urban threats to its survival. And you can climb the observation tower to look for koalas in the surrounding treetop canopy.

Pelicans at Harley Park, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

See the Pelican Feeding Frenzy
All the family will enjoy the spectacle of the large flock of pelicans converging at Harley Park, near Surfers Paradise, waiting excitedly for their daily feast. They gather at Charis Seafoods at ~ 1.30pm daily to be fed leftover fish from the previous day's trade, and other fish unsuitable for sale. And when the fish arrive, ensure you're not standing between the pelicans and the fish... for the feeding frenzy begins!

Humpback Whale on Annual Migration from Antarctica to Queensland TQ

Watch the Migrating Humpback Whales
'Thar she blows!" This traditional whale-spotting expression still creates great excitement and it's hard to describe the thrill you'll experience when you see your first 'spout'. Join a Gold Coast whale-watching cruise to spot these gentle Humpback whales during their annual migration between the Antarctic and the Great Barrier Reef... or watch for them from land-based headlands or lookouts.

Horsedrawn Carriage Ride Through Surfers Paradise AC

Ride the Streets of Paradise in A Horse-drawn Carriage
For a novel way to enjoy the sights of Surfers Paradise, climb into a beautifully sprung wagon behind a couple of spirited greys. You'll make your way along the beach esplanade at a leisurely pace, enjoying the balmy summer sea breeze, the gentle swaying of the carriage, and the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves striking bitumen.

Dolphin Program, Sea World, Queensland TQ

Sea World Animal Adventures
Sea World Gold Coast provides a number of incredible options for visitors to the themepark (both kids and adults) to have an up-close-and-personal experience with their spectacular animals. Scuba dive with sharks(!); swim with the dolphins or cheeky seals; go behind-the-scenes with the polar bears; become a dolphin trainer for a day, and more. Truly some exciting adventures!

Tiger Island, Dreamworld, Queensland TQ

Interact with Animals at Dreamworld
Come visit the magnificent Tiger Island at Dreamworld Gold Coast, which is home to several Bengal and Sumatran tigers, including a rare white tiger. Or you can meet a wide range of native animals including koalas, wombats and kangaroos. And your kids will just love the petting zoo, where they can safely interact with lots of baby barnyard animals.

Horseriding in Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland TQ

Go On A Horse-Riding Adventure
Explore the scenic Gold Coast hinterland and lush green rainforests on horseback, on a guided trail ride. There's a good chance your trail ride will include a stream crossing, some hills of varying degrees, and plenty of flat ground where the adventurous beginner may encourage their horse into a gentle canter. You'll find the guides (and their horses!) to be experienced, encouraging, and friendly, and this indeed is a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Maze at Olsen’s Bird Gardens, Currumbin JC

Birdwatching is A-Mazing
Set in 20 acres of stunning rainforest, the beautiful gardens of this Gold Coast retreat will delight and astonish you with its large array of wonderful, feathered creatures, striking flora and fauna and a maze that will amaze! When you've finished exploring the gardens and bird aviaries, you simply must check out the Lilly Pilly maze! Deceptively simple at the start, those that enter will invariably find a great mystery at hand ... how to get out again!!

Alpacas at Mystery Mountain Farmstay, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

See An Aussie Farm in Action
For a real Australian farm experience, visit a farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland where 'hands on' experience is encouraged and visitors may try their hand at milking a cow, feeding baby animals, or riding a horse. Depending on the season, you may observe a sheep shearing demonstration, and can have a go at cracking a stockwhip (it's much harder than it looks!). And after all this activity, enjoy a cup of good billy tea and freshly made damper just as our pioneer bush men and women did many years ago.

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Feeding Pelicans at Harley Park, Labrador, Gold Coast TQ
Petting a Goat, Dreamworld, Gold Coast TQ
Polar Bear Cubs at Sea World, Gold Coast TQ
Sea Lion at Sea World, Gold Coast TQ
Shark Viewing at Sea World, Gold Coast TQ

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