Gold Coast Bungee Jump

To undertake a Gold Coast Bungee Jump at Surfers Paradise, it would undoubtedly be helpful to have a daring dash of adventure streaking through you...

If you're into extreme adventure activities, then this indeed is the place for you!

Bungee jumping is a unique activity that sees the jumper leap from a platform, cliff, bridge - or even a helicopter - into thin air!

Sounds suicidal? Well, it would be except for the slightly elastised rope tied around the jumper's ankles which causes the jumper to rebound before they hit the ground.

Even so, it's not an activity for the faint hearted.

The origin of this activity lies in Vanuatu's Pentecost Islands and the ancient harvest fertility ritual that was carried out to assure the tribe of abundant crops the following year.

Males of all ages would tie elastic liana vines around both ankles and dive from a high platform to the ground below. It was believed that the earth would yield fertile crops if, during the jump, the diver's shoulders or hair just brushed the ground.

Understandably, a miscalculation in vine elasticity or length would have disastrous consequences.

Happily though, bungee jumping today is a very different and much more sophisticated event.

The Gold Coast bungee jump at Surfers Paradise is 37 metres high (equivalent to 14 storeys). Experienced, multiple jumpers (yes, they do exist!) advise novice jumpers not to dither around at the top of the platform and delay the jump, lest nerves set in.

But some people obviously like to wallow in their fear before jumping as, after looking over the platform's edge, they decide to rest awhile at the top... and then rest a bit longer... before taking the plunge.

Which do you prefer?

But once the bungee cord is securely tied around your ankles, there's no room for second thoughts. All too soon, the countdown will begin... 3 - 2 - 1 bungee! Bungee Jumping, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast AC

That's your cue to jump... and so you do - adrenaline pumping through your body; heart beating madly as you freefall to the ground; stomach following a second or two behind.

Then... even as your mind notes with some concern that the ground is rushing up to meet you... you're already on the rebound.

That's how fast it all happens, at the Gold Coast bungee jump in Surfers Paradise!

Once the jump is over, you'll be lowered to the ground where a crew member will assist in releasing you. It takes a few seconds to get the blood fully circulating again, but suddenly your brain registers that you've bungy jumped! Awesome!

A huge feeling of euphoria and disbelief will envelope you ... but one thing is guaranteed - you will NEVER forget this experience!

Whilst this adventure activity is not one that I could consider doing (it rates as a 10 on my personal adventure terror scale!), I have cheered on friends and strangers alike as they've made the crazy trek to the top of the Gold Coast Bungee Jump tower.

I've watched with a combination of admiration and pity as they've made the jump. And I've laughed at their screams, and enjoyed their euphoric reaction when they've done it!

So even if you don't think this adventure activity is for you, it's fun just being a spectator and watching those brave enough to do the Gold Coast bungee jump.

Given the location is in downtown Surfers Paradise, the venue is easy to find - if in doubt, just follow the sounds of screams and laughter!

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$99 per person.
Toilets, refreshments nearby.
Wet Weather
May be closed in the event of heavy rain or high winds, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
Open 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm.
Allow 60-90 mins to have a go, watch others and check out other rides at Adrenalin Park.
Handy Hints
- You must be 14 years or older, and weigh between 40-125 kg.
- Wear trousers or shorts; no skirts.
- Ensure you use the bathroom facilities before trekking to the top of the bungee tower.
How To Get There
Adrenaline Park, Palm Avenue, Surfers Paradise.
Refer map below.
Further Info
Contact Bungy Australia on Tel 07-5570 4833 (between 2pm-10pm).

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