Visit Burleigh Headland NP
near Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

The Burleigh Headland NP is a well-known and easily recognisable landmark to locals and visitors alike, and is just a short, 15-minute drive south of Surfers Paradise.

Situated in a prime location on the edge of the coast, the natural and unique beauty of rainforest meeting ocean creates some extremely beautiful, scenic walks. Aerial of Burleigh Heads National Park, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

And you may be lucky enough to sight migrating whales between June - November, or dolphins, from the lookout platforms in the national park!

Visitors also come to enjoy fishing from the rocky foreshore and the sheltered swimming areas of Echo Beach and Sandy Cove.

An interesting feature of the Burleigh Headland NP is the six-sided basalt columns that line the base of the park, in the sea. These columns are the result of lava flows from the ancient Tweed Volcano.

The basalt columns create a very useful, natural protection for the Burleigh headland NP against the sea, preventing further erosion. View to Surfers Paradise from Burleigh Heads National Park, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

You'll see these columns as you follow the Oceanview Circuit, where you'll enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and views to Surfers Paradise in the north, and Coolangatta in the south.

And when you're determining which direction to walk the Burleigh Headland NP trails, bear in mind that there is a long series of steep steps near the northern entrance at Julia Street - and it's considerably easier to walk down these steps than up.

This area is popular for surfers, and it’s common to see people relaxing on the grass in the shade near the northern entrance of the Burleigh headland national park, watching the surfing maneuvers in the water - especially after a good swell!

Click here for a Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service (QNP&WS) map of Burleigh Headland NP.

The QNP&WS also provides description and details for the walking trails in the Burleigh Headland NP, which is an interesting read.

Reference Sources

Bush Walk Departure Point Distance (Return) Classification Duration
Around the mountain
(Rainforest walk + Ocean front track)
Northern or Southern entrance* 2.5 km Class 2 1 hour
Over top of mountain & around the back
(Rainforest walk + midsection track)
Northern or Southern entrance* 2 km Class 3 45 mins
Ocean view circuit
(midsection track + Ocean front track)
Northern or Southern entrance* 2.8 km Class 3 1 hour
* Northern entrance is where Gold Coast Highway crosses Tallebudgera Creek, at Burleigh Heads; Southern entrance is at the top of Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads.

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Access to this National Park is free.
Information centre, wheelchair access to toilets and picnic areas, water on tap, short walking trails, constructed lookouts. Superb beach facilities are nearby, with lifeguards patrolling. A range of cafes and restaurants are within a short walk.
Wet Weather
Don't let a bit of light rain scare you from bush walking - although ensure you have a change of clothing for when the walk is over, and take extra care of slippery rock surfaces.
Walking in heavier rains is not recommended, for both safety and environmental considerations.
Operating Hours
This NP is open 24 hours a day, all year round.
Allow 45-60 minutes to do a circuit of the Burleigh headland NP.
Handy Hints
- Read our handy hints for planning your rainforest trek.
- Check out our practical safety tips for bush walkers.
- Refer guidelines for how you can minimise your personal impact on the environment.
How To Get There
If self-driving, this NP is an easy drive to Burleigh Heads, just 15 minutes from Surfers Paradise, along the Gold Coast Highway.
Parking is available in Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads, or just across the bridge at Tallebudgera Creek.

Or refer to tour operators who offer day trips to national parks.
Further Info
QP&WS Information Centre, 1711 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads (just near the bridge across Tallebudgera Creek.
Tel 07-5535 3032.

Aboriginal Significance

The Burleigh headland (its Aboriginal name is 'Jellurgal') has special significance for the local Aboriginal Kombumerri tribe, who lived in the Gold Coast area for perhaps thousands of years before European settlement.

Corroborees and other traditional rites and ceremonies were carried out in the headland area. And its location at the juncture of the Tallebudgera River and beach would have made it ideal for fishing, hunting, and gathering foods.

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