Swim in the Currumbin Rock Pools
on the Gold Coast

Enjoy a swim in the Currumbin rock pools on the Gold Coast, where you'll discover crystal clear mountain waters; warm, sun-drenched boulders, & welcoming shade.

It's a delightful way to spend a few hours on a tranquil summer day.

This is a popular place for families during summer - but with Queensland's temperate climate, the rock pools make an interesting and enjoyable day out all year-round!

To reach the pools, you'll take a picturesque, relaxing drive through the lush, green Currumbin Valley and into the mountains where the Currumbin Creek is born.

You can head straight for the Currumbin rock pools, which are located just 12km up the valley from Currumbin Beach - or you can turn off the radio, wind down the window and enjoy the sight, smell and sound of nature as you take in a number of interesting sights along the way.

Your journey will take you past nurseries, dairies and stud farms where animals graze contentedly in velvety paddocks and local farmers (seasonally) sell organically grown produce on the roadside.

And past the lovely Olsen's Bird Gardens, set in eight hectares of lush subtropical rainforest.

A little further on, is the Crystal Cottage which sells a large range of crystals, gemstones and jewellery. Crystal Cottage, Currumbin Valley

With a little bit of planning, you can enjoy a scrumptious devonshire tea on the verandah - a great idea for morning or afternoon tea!

Or you could do some interesting browsing in the nearby Currumbin Valley Pottery Place & Plover Gallery.

A short distance from here, you'll come across the Currumbin rock pools, which are clearly signposted and easy to find.

At the west end, the pools are surrounded by large, flat boulders which create an ideal sunbathing deck!

A huge tumble of smooth, gently sloping rocks provides a great playground for kids to scramble about and explore.

And smaller children; older people; less active visitors and ... come to think of it, everybody ... will enjoy the spa-like, miniature rapids where creek water bubbles merrily over smooth rocks.

Rockpools in Currumbin Valley JC

With its crystal-clear mountain spring water, the deeper waters of the eastern end make an ideal swimming lagoon - an extremely refreshing spot for a dip in the Gold Coast's hotter months.

Pool depths vary, however there are plenty of places suitable for small children. Be aware though, that lifeguards do not patrol this area and children should be supervised at all times when in, or near, the water.

There are a couple of popular vantage points that locals have traditionally used to jump off the rocks into the deep pools of icy cold water. And at the time of writing, the Gold Coast Council has not banned or prohibited visitors from this activity...

However, in these days of legal liability, anyone choosing to jump off the rocks into the Currumbin rock pools must take full responsibility for their actions. So if you must do this, ensure an adult checks the depths first to ensure that conditions are safe and haven't changed.

The Currumbin rock pools are an ideal setting for a leisurely picnic lunch, with several sheltered picnic tables placed to take advantage of the cool, shady gum trees and tall pines.

However, if you don't want to worry about organising the picnic food for the day, you'll be pleased to know the Currumbin Rock Pools Cafe & Bar is in easy distance of the pools (actually, just across the road!)

You can enjoy your meal at the eat-in cafe area, or order takeaway meals if you wish to eat on the grassy banks of the pools. Rockpools in Currumbin Valley JC

Large, grassy areas beside the Currumbin rock pools create ideal space for a game of cricket, or for the kids to simply run about and play … and if all this isn't enough to get rid of the excess energy, Mount Cougal National Park is just 6km away.

At this national park, you'll have a choice of several easygoing, enjoyable walks through the rainforest; or you can visit Cougals Cascades; a mountain pool; or the disused sawmill.

All in all, this one small area of the Gold Coast offers a veritable smorgasborg of sights and activities to keep even the most discerning tourist (or local) occupied for a good, full day! Don't just plan it ... do it!

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Toilets, electric BBQ, hot water. Refreshments (including meals) are available at a nearby cafe.
Wet Weather
Suitable in light rain - limited shelter available for heavier downpours.
Operating Hours
Public access all year round.
Allow 2-3 hours.
Handy Hints
- Note that the rock pools are NOT patrolled by lifesavers, so ensure children are adequately supervised.
- It may be dangerous to jump from rocks into the water, so ensure a responsible person checks the water levels and area beforehand.
- Take hat, sunglasses, and SPF 15+ sunscreen.
- Take plenty of drinking water, to avoid dehydration.
- Insect repellent may come in handy, especially in late afternoon.
- Free parking available.
- Take closed-in shoes and a sweater if you plan to walk in the nearby national park.
How To Get There
Follow the Currumbin Creek Road (~12km from the beach). Refer map reference below.
Further Info

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