Fun Gold Coast Family Activities

There are some great Gold Coast things to do that make for fun family activities, which kids can easily participate in and will really enjoy.

However, you don't have to have kids with you to enjoy these activities - several options are good fun for adults too... and may help you discover the inner child within!

Whilst some of these family activities are unique to the Gold Coast, you'll see that other activities are more common options that may be undertaken in your home town or city.

However, don't dismiss a family activity just because you can do it 'anytime' in your home town or city.

Because how often do you actually go and do it?

As an example, there's an excellent Putt Putt Golf course in Newcastle that both my sister and brother drive past every time they and their families go to visit my parents.

But how many times do you think they've ever played mini-golf at this course, as a family activity? Right, none!

However, mini-golf is a family activity they've done several times when they're on holidays, because the whole family laughs and has a good time together. And it's reasonably priced for a family holiday budget.

Also, do you find that when you're on holidays, you somehow have a more relaxed and carefree attitude?

If the answer is yes, you'll invariably be more easygoing and playful and fun. You're more likely to have a good time and really enjoy these family activities when you're in this mood - and so will others who are with you!

And finally, if you do these family activities while on your Gold Coast holiday, it's more likely that all the members of your family will join in...

whereas at home, one child may be off doing something else, or you may have extras with you, or one parent may not be available, and so on.

Family time together, having fun, is the stuff that makes magic memories - for parents and kids alike.

So consider including some of the following fun family activities during your next Gold Coast Australia holiday, regardless of whether you could do it 'anytime' in the town or city you live:

Indoor Putt Putt Golf Course, Gold Coast JC

Play Mini-Golf With All The Family
Putt your way round an 18-hole miniature golf course... but don’t be fooled by the name or the concept. Many an experienced golfer has strolled confidently onto a mini-golf course, only to become a screaming, frustrated mess by the end of the game …much like on any golf course! Different sized putters allow kids as young as three to comfortably play, and you’ll find kids and adults alike will have a ball.

Indoor Playcentre, Gold Coast JC

Romp Around At An Indoor Playcentre
Kids will have loads of fun at an indoor adventure playground. Tons of colourful toys, great play equipment, and games that provide wonderful Gold Coast entertainment. They can climb, crash and crawl through tunnels and mazes; slip and slither down slides; romp and roll in ball ponds; play, practice and pretend in cubby houses! It’s a fun way for them to burn up heaps of excess energy… and they’re sure to sleep soundly that night!

Anzac Park, Southport Broadwater, Gold Coast TQ

Picnic & Play In The Park
There’s something wonderful about a picnic in the park – whether it’s a romantic picnic for two complete with tartan rug and wicker basket overflowing with gourmet food; a small family affair with a good swim and frisbee-throwing competition to work up your appetite; or a huge gathering of family and friends where, following a traditional Aussie barbeque, you can declare all out war in the cricket or footy match of the century!

Cinema Box Office, Gold Coast JC

Take In A Movie
Ever dreamt of saving the world? Catching the bad guy? Winning your dream-date? Maybe you just want to forget about sparring kids for a while, or the fact that your holiday is almost over and you have to go back to work or school? Anything is possible when you escape to the movies! And with a range of Gold Coast multiplex cinemas to choose from, you’re bound to find a movie and playing session that suits your needs.

Fantasia Amusement Arcade, Surfers Paradise JC

Be Amused… In An Amusement Arcade
All the family will enjoy the Gold Coast entertainment during a fun-filled hour or two at an amusements centre. Laserhunt and various interactive video games provide the opportunity to hone your skills and improve your hand-eye coordination - but don’t be too disillusioned when your kids beat the pants off you! They’ve probably already finely-tuned these skills through playing their playstation or gameboys.

Ride the Monorail, Broadbeach, Gold Coast JC

Go For A Ride On The Monorail
A ride on the monorail at Broadbeach by day or by night is a cool way to entertain the kids - and it’s also a novel experience for most adults! Not only can you sit back, relax, and take in some of the Gold Coast scenery, but you’ll see it all from a unique perspective since the monorail is elevated well above traffic.

Tenpin Bowling, Gold Coast JC

Knock ‘Em All Out In Ten Pin Bowling
STRIKE! It’s a great feeling when that tenth and final pin hits the deck and you can shout ‘Steeeerike!!” Tenpin bowling is suitable for people of all ages and levels of experience. Most Gold Coast tenpin bowling alleys have a variety of facilities to make the bowling more enjoyable for young children, the elderly, or those with disabilities, and the scoring system is fully automated … so there’s pretty much no excuse not to have a go!

Trampolines at Adrenaline Park, Surfers Paradise JC

Bungy Trampolining for Kids
This is a great bit of fun for kids in Surfers Paradise! Almost everybody has jumped on a regular trampoline – but how many have tried bungy trampolining where you can bounce up to 10 feet high? Sounds awesome! And there’s no need to worry - it’s all perfectly safe as your child is securely strapped into a harness, and the springs of the trampoline are padded for extra safety.

Entrance to Thunderbird Park, Tamborine Mountain

Fossick for Gemstones
Think that wielding a pick or shovel sounds a little like hard work? Well nothing could be further from the truth at Thunderbird Park where some fun fossicking could uncover a magical, mystical thunderegg! The Cedar Creek thundereggs were formed over 300 million years ago as a result of ancient volcanic activity in the region where Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland stands today.

Wax Museum, Surfers Paradise JC

See the Wax museum
Bet you didn’t know that JFK, Albert Einstein, Henry VIII and Captain James Cook are here on the Gold Coast … and all in the same location! Take a visit to this Surfers Paradise attraction and you’ll see not only these famous figures, but many more English and US historical identities. There are a few Australians among the crowd (see if you can pick them out); a couple of New Zealanders and other nationalities.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, Surfers Paradise JC

Be Amazed at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
You’ll find an amazing assortment of artifacts and information at this Gold Coast attraction, which range from the exotic - to the downright bizarre! Learn the fascinating rituals of early South American tribes… and some (almost) unbelievable feats by some very interesting people. And take the Shark survival challenge and see how an Australian man lived to tell the tale of his encounter with a great white shark.

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