Gold Coast Fishing Charters

Gold Coast fishing charters offer a fun experience for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

Experienced anglers enjoy focussing on the fishing and the service, whilst for the beginner it can be a great way to learn from seasoned professionals and pick up a tip or two on techniques for baiting hooks, or casting a line.

There's usually a great sense of camaraderie on these charters - and it provides a great opportunity to swap tales about the one that got away!

And one of the best things about going on a Gold Coast fishing charter?

You don't need to do any of the work - no need to research the best fishing spots, buy bait, or carry all the gear with you. Just turn up, relax and enjoy!

There are various types of fishing on offer through Gold Coast fishing charter operators - reef, deep sea, freshwater, estuary, sport (or game) fishing, plus crabbing too.

There are too many types of tours to categorise separately, and the tours may change from time to time, depending on what visitors wish to do.

So if you're after a specific type of fishing, please contact the individual Gold Coast fishing charters to check that they can meet your requirements.

Although the vast majority of fishing charters are by boat, there are a couple of land-based charters that are also worth checking out, and fly-fishing lessons or coaching may be available.

Some Gold Coast fishing charters will provide bins for each angler and tag all fish caught by that person.

Other operators offer a 'share of the boat's catch' whereby all the fish are pooled together then shared evenly among all anglers at the end of the trip.

The beauty of dividing the catch this way, is that no one goes home empty handed!

Whilst most boats do have basic amenities, such as onboard toilet and undercover shade/protection, there is variation in other services that may be offered...

including supply of bait & tackle, provision of refreshments, and courtesy pick-up & drop-off to accommodation.

Prices also range across tour operators, depending on the duration of the trip - which can range from 2 to 12 hours.

You'll also find a wide range in scheduled trip departures offered by operators, such that you could probably fish around the clock if you chose!

If you are planning on taking younger children with you, be sure to check with the Gold Coast fishing charter beforehand – particularly in terms of the length of tour you're taking. Fishing Charter, Surfers Paradise

Once the boat is out on the water, it won't be returning to shore until the end of the tour - which may be up to 9 hours.

And when booking your tour, ask if there are any seasonal special deals, and remember to ask for a further discount if you're booking for a large group.

Finally, many of the fishing charters also offer lower rates for observers who are just along for the ride and the company but do not wish to fish.

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Following is a short selection of charter operators for fishing in the Gold Coast and Tweed area. Click here for a full list of charter fishing operators on the Tweed and Gold Coast.

Charter Operators Location Contact
Glassy's Fishing World Corner Halls & Beenleigh-Beaudesert Roads, Luscombe 07-5546 4407
Boat Charter:
Australian Marlin Charters - Viking II   07-5528 8775
A'luring Fishing Adventures   0408 609 813
Brad Smith's Guided Fishing Tours   0419 028 704
Down Under Charters Tweed Heads 0408 753 647
Fish'n'Freshwater Charters   0417 646 533
Fish The Deep Charters Labrador 07-5528 9578
Gold Coast Fishing Charters Runaway Bay 0411 605 090
Gone Fishing   07-5510 9611
Hooker 1 Charters Main Beach 07-5528 6469
Mangrove Jack's Sportsfishing Tweed Heads 07-5524 5922
M.V. Grinner Main Beach 0415 615 223
Odyssey Charters   0412 288 116
Reel Chase Main Beach 07-5531 4832 or 0429 778 524
Reel Fishn Charters Tweed Heads 0411 151 755
Sailor Bill's Fishing Runaway Bay 0409 677 491
Tweed Fishing Charters Tweed Heads 0418 743 309
Wahoo Charters - Adventures At Sea Main Beach 1300 492 466 or 07-5597 3180 or 07-5532 2231
Wildcat Reef Fishing Charters Main Beach 07-5546 6806
Yanu Charters Main Beach 0419 760 500

Costs range from $60-$100 per person for a half day tour, to $100-$200 per person for full day tour, depending on the facilities aboard and size of boat.
Some operators may provide discounts for kids under 12 years (expect cost to be 60%-80% of adult cost).
If there's space on the boat, some operators may allow spectators aboard for a reduced price.
Varies between individual operators - check when booking your tour, so you can be prepared. Eg. If the vessel does not have an on-board toilet, you may need to make a quick rest-stop at a public toilet prior to joining the tour.
Wet Weather
Suitable in light rain. Charters may not operate in inclement conditions, such as strong winds and heavy rain.
Operating Hours
All year round, with charters operating virtually around the clock.
Allow at least half a day. Full day tours are also available.
Handy Hints
- Ensure that you take a hat, sunglasses and sun cream. It’s also a good idea to take a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms from the sun.
- Most charters will provide refreshments - however, take extra drinking water to prevent dehydration.
- If you're booked on a full day tour, check if you need to provide your own lunch.
- Take a sweater in case there’s a cold breeze offshore.
How To Get There
Some tour operators will arrange pick-ups from and drop-offs to your Gold Coast accommodation. Refer to map references below for departure locations.
Further Info
Refer to operators in table at end of article.

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