Gold Coast Bike Hire
& Beachfront Bike Pathways

A favourite holiday activity is to arrange a Gold Coast bike hire, and follow the bike pathways along the beach.

You'll get that 'feel good' feeling that comes from a liberal dose of fresh air and exercise.

Couple this with magnificent coastal views, some invigorating sea air and a wonderful temperate climate that allows year-round riding, and you're almost in heaven.

The other benefit is that the almost flat terrain of the Gold Coast makes it very easy to bike around.

If you're up for a challenge, the Darren Smith Cycle Route is one of the best rides on the Coast. Named in honour of a Gold Coast Olympic cyclist killed in a road accident in 1992, the Route essentially traces the coast between Point Danger at Coolangatta and Paradise Point.

The path starts at the Captain Cook Memorial at Point Danger, and at 48km in length, will take several hours to cycle. Riding at a leisurely pace, you should allow around 1 hour per 12 km with extra time for breaks.

Hint: If you haven't ridden a bike in some time, beware of too much time in the bike saddle and using muscles that may protest. A friend and I recently rode bikes along the pathway and covered perhaps 30 kilometres in all... we had a great day, however I paid for it over the next few days, and was stiff and sore and sorry for myself!

As you follow the coast, you'll find that most beaches have paved esplanades where bikes are permitted. Other than riding in the sand (tough job!), you can't get much closer to the beach.

This means fabulous views and gentle sea breezes along the way, plus plenty to watch as people flock to the beaches to soak up the sun and play.

A couple of sections follow the road inland, however these are relatively few and still of interest.

Taking an occasional dip in the ocean and plenty of stops for ice-cream and cool drinks, this ride is a great combination of pleasure, leisure and exercise.

And the paved pathways along the coast are mainly off the road - so no need to look out for cars and other vehicles.

However, whilst you wont encounter any cars on the pathways, you still do need to look out for other traffic. ie. pedestrians!

Cyclists must keep to the left side of the pathway, and give way to all pedestrians.

Don't ride too fast - and always be on the watchout for young children and toddlers - as they often change direction suddenly as they're running and playing, and don't know to watch out for bikes.

Also, as a courtesy, ring the bicycle bell as you're approaching pedestrians in front of you, so they know you're coming through and can move to the side. Plus they won't get a fright when you pass by!

And finally, be aware that you are legally required to wear a helmet - even if you’re on the pathway, and not the road.

Gold Coast Bike Hire

Mountain Bike Riding, Australia

There's a range of bike types available for hire, including beach cruisers, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, kids' bikes, and parents' bikes with a toddler's seat attached at the back.

The costs of a Gold Coast bike hire are as follows:

Adults: $15-$20 per half day, or $25-$35 per full day for a mountain bike or beach cruiser.

Kids: $10-$15 per half day, or $15-$20 per full day. Training wheels may be available on request, so mention at the time of booking.

The table below shows all Gold Coast bike hire operators, as at Sept 2009.

If you hire a bike for more than one day, or hire several bikes for a day, the operator will most likely provide free delivery to, and collection from, your accommodation. Also, the longer the hire period, the cheaper the daily bike hire cost. Eg. $25 per day, or $20 per day if hired for 2+ days.

Some Gold Coast bike hire operators don’t take credit cards, and require payment on delivery of bikes to your accommodation - so check beforehand and ensure you have the cash on hand.

Click here to view other Gold Coast bike riding options.

Or, if you're interested in doing some serious off-road biking, check out our information on Gold Coast mountain bike riding and tours.

Bike Hire Operators, Gold Coast, Queensland:

Bike Hire Operators Location Telephone Mountain Bike Hire Other Bike Hire
AAA Hire A Bike Southport 1300 887 908 or
0403 138 127
tick tick
Beach Bikes Surfers Paradise 1800 130 140 tick tick
Bike Central Broadbeach 07-5527 5733 tick tick
Cheapa Bicycle Rentals Nerang 07-5502 2091 or
0416 383 502
tick tick
Fuji Summer Bicycle Rentals Surfers Paradise 1300 726 600 or
0400 300 327
cross tick
Kingscliff BP Kingscliff 02-6674 1461 cross tick
Mikes Bikes Miami Miami 07-5535 8799 cross tick
Nerang Mountain Bike Centre Nerang 07-5596 2911 tick cross
Palm Beach Super Cycles Palm Beach 07-5534 3172 tick cross
Paradise Road Cycles Paradise Point 07-5564 1622 tick tick
Quigsi Surf Shop Coolangatta 07-5599 1731 cross tick
Shorti’s Cycle & Tri Tweed Heads 07-5599 3312 tick tick
U-pedal Coolangatta 0408 998 673 cross tick
Yahoo Bike & Moped Rentals Surfers Paradise 07-5592 0227 tick tick
Table updated as at Sept 2009

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Adults: $15-$20 per half day, or $25-$35 per full day for a mountain bike or beach cruiser.
Kids: $10-$15 per half day, or $15-$20 per full day.

- Gold Coast bike hire cost includes a helmet and chain lock.
- The daily rate is reduced if you hire for 2+ days, with weekly adult rates starting from $75-$80.
- A refundable deposit may be required for each bike.
- There may be a small delivery charge for bikes to be delivered to your accommodation; Cash may be required on delivery for bike hire - so check with bike hire operators.
Wet Weather
Suitable activity in light rain.
Operating Hours
Seven days a week - opening & closing times vary, so need to check with individual operators.
You can hire a bike for half a day, or a full day, or however number of days you wish. Many operators offer very good weekly hire rates as compared to half or full day rates, so it's worth considering.
Handy Hints
- Sunglasses and sunscreen protection are a must; helmets are legally required to be worn by bike riders and, unless you have a suitable sun visor, you won't be able to protect your face from the sun.
- Take a small backpack with you, to easily carry drinking water, moneybelt, etc.
- If a hand pump is not attached to the bike frame, tyres may be inflated at service stations.
How To Get There
Refer to Gold Coast bike hire operators - many will deliver bikes to your accommodation, and collect afterwards.
Further Info
Refer Gold Coast bike hire operator table below.

Riding on the Footpath

In Queensland, you are allowed to ride a bicycle on the footpath unless signs specifically prohibit this.
In NSW (ie. Tweed Heads), only children less than 12 years and any adult accompanying them may ride on the footpath, unless signs prohibit this.

Locking your Bike

The Gold Coast bike hire cost includes a helmet and chain lock.

Okay, this is going to sound like pretty obvious advice - Ensure you lock the bike whenever you're away from it, even if you're just ducking in to a shop to buy a newspaper or icecream. You'd be surprised at how tempting it is to leave your bike unattended for just 30 seconds while you quickly do something.

Consider that, if someone can steal a locked car in one minute (remember the movie, Gone in Sixty Seconds?), it takes significantly less than that to steal an unlocked bike.

And ensure you lock the frame to at least one wheel and - importantly - lock the bike to an immovable object. I have my own sorry tale about this...

I once listened to advice about not needing to lock the bike to an immovable object and, instead, simply locking the bike frame and both wheels together so the pedals couldn't spin and thus noone could actually ride it away...

Hmmm, as you may have guessed, this poor plan was foiled by a thief driving a van!

Learn from my lesson re what can happen if you're foolish enough to not lock the bike to an immovable object. You don't want to face an irate bike hire operator, or lose your refundable deposit.

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