Gold Coast Fishing - Land-based Options

There are plenty of opportunities to catch a big 'un when you go Gold Coast fishing!

Fishing is one of Australia's most popular recreational activities.

And the beauty of Gold Coast fishing is that there is plenty of choice of fishing spots, with 5 major rivers, several creeks and waterholes, as well as the magnificent freshwater Hinze Dam.

Then of course, there are beaches-a-plenty from which to cast a line.

The estuaries, where the waterway meets the ocean, are especially good when the tides are changing. The outgoing tide is best, although as long as there is tidal movement in the water, you stand a good chance of catching something. Fishing on a Gold Coast Beach, Queensland TQ

For the novice angler, the best times for Gold Coast fishing are early morning or just before dusk, as these are peak feeding times for fish.

If these peak feeding times are also within 2 hours of a changing tide, you are almost guaranteed to catch a fish!

Information on timing of tides is published daily in the weather section of the local Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper, or is available online courtesy of Maritime Safety Queensland, together with several other useful resources..

Of course, the right equipment and bait are essential to the process and the local bait & tackle shops will be able to meet all your requirements, as well as provide Gold Coast fishing information and advice on the seasonality of fish and how best to catch them.

There are many land-based Gold Coast fishing options.

You can cast a line from the beach, bridges and causeway.

Or try one of the many fishing platforms that have been constructed by the Gold Coast City Council at various places throughout the region. Kids Fishing from Floating Jetty, Gold Coast

You can check out the Gold Coast City Council's website to find a map of where the platforms are located, as well as other useful information, such as the types of fish to be caught there, the best tides, and recommended fishing gear and bait.

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If you supply your own equipment, cost is less than $10 for bait.
Some bait & tackle shops may hire fishing rods from $10 for half a day.

A couple of operators offer land-based fishing tours, where half a day's fishing (including bait and all equipment) costs ~ $30-$40 per person.
Wet Weather
Suitable in light rain.
Operating Hours
All year round, day and night.
The beauty of land-based fishing is that you can go for as long as you like, from one hour to the whole day.
Handy Hints
- Ensure that you take a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, and drinking water.
- It's also a good idea to take a long-sleeved shirt to protect your arms from the sun.
- Take a bucket or container to hold the fish you catch.
- If Gold Coast fishing at night, take a torch (and spare batteries) with you.
How To Get There
Some tour operators will arrange pick-ups from and drop-offs to your Gold Coast accommodation. Refer to map references below.
Further Info
Refer to fishing operator table below.

Fishing Licences

Queensland: The good news is that licences for recreational fishing are not required in Queensland, with the exception of freshwater fishing Hinze Dam, where a licence may be obtained from the kiosk or the Ranger - cost is $5 for a weekly family permit.

NSW: All recreational anglers in NSW aged over 18 years must have a fishing licence, which may be obtained at most bait & tackle shops. Cost is $5 for a 3-day period, or $10 for a month.

To minimise the inequity in the NSW/Queensland border area, licences are half price for anglers that fish in the Tweed River, or on the beach between Fingal Head and Point Danger.

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