Gold Coast Gliding

A Gold Coast Gliding experience is an exhilarating adventure activity that you'll play again and again in your memory.

On your departure from Coolangatta airport, you'll get a birds'-eye view over south-east Queensland and northern NSW that is nothing short of spectacular.

Coolangatta, of course, is on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, and is a 'twin town' to Tweed Heads in NSW. So you're well positioned to see the beautiful Tweed Valley and Coast, the Tweed River and, if it's a clear day, you'll see all the way south to Mt Warning's peak, near Murwillumbah.

On the Queensland side of the border, you'll have a brilliant view of Point Danger at Coolangatta, the site of the Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse.

And the natural beauty of the Springbrook plateau with its stunning waterfalls and rainforest will have you wishing you could continue your Gold Coast gliding trip forever!

Combine this with views of the magnificent Gold Coast beaches, and high-rise heart of Surfers Paradise, and you're in for an unforgettable experience.

There are two types of gliders - motorised, which are self-launching, and non-motorised, which require an aerotow. Glider at Coolangatta Airport JC

If your flight is in a self-launching (motorized) glider, your glider will use its own power to take-off and climb into the sky. Once you reach a sufficient height, the pilot will turn off the engine, and the gliding begins.

Non-motorised gliders on the other hand, are towed into the sky by a tug plane. In this case, when your glider reaches a suitable altitude, the pilot will disconnect the tow-rope, and your glider is free to soar like a bird.

Gliders are able to stay in the air for quite lengthy periods, due to their unique wing design. The wing-span allows them to take advantage of hot air currents and the pilot constantly manouevres the glider to ride these thermals to higher altitudes and thereby gain more air time.

Motorised gliders can be in the air for up to an hour, since their motor can be started mid-flight to assist in the climb to greater heights.

However, a non-motorised gliding experience means that you will be in the air for an average of around 20 minutes.

The very name 'glider' infers a silent, peaceful flight - so initially, the roar caused by air bouncing off the glider may surprise you.

The noise however, will soon fade into the background when you focus on the remarkable scenery and begin to enjoy your breathtaking experience. Gliding Adventure, Coolangatta JC

And don't let the compact size of the glider put you off this activity – afterall, overcoming some of your fear is part of the adventure, to give your comfort zone a nudge.

Gliding operators will assure you of meeting safety checks and regulations - and remember, they fly in the gliders too!

There's no particular age limit for persons wishing to take a glorious, Gold Coast gliding joy flight. However, a glider has just two seats, and can take only one passenger at a time. For this reason, it is not suitable for younger children.

But... if you enjoy your first taste of gliding, on your return to Coolangatta ask the club for information about becoming a glider pilot. Most clubs offer 3-7 day courses (including accommodation) for very reasonable prices.

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Cost ranges from ~$125 per person for a 25 minute flight to ~$250 per person for an hour.
Toilets, refreshments.
Wet Weather
Does not operate in the event of heavy rain or high winds, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
Available all year round.
Actual flight will last between 20-60 minutes.
Handy Hints
- Advance bookings required.
- There is no protection from the sun in a glider; so wear sunscreen, take a hat, sunglasses, and drinking water.
- Wear loose comfortable clothes.
How To Get There
Departs from 44 Eastern Ave, Coolangatta Airport.
Refer map below.
Further Info
Contact Gliding Adventures on Tel 07-5599 2877.

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