Gold Coast Health and Fitness Activities

Unwind, relax and enjoy your holiday with a little help from some Gold Coast health and fitness activities.

Today, life is busier than ever, and it can sometimes seem that you're on a treadmill, constantly on the move and never slowing down.

If you're looking to slow down the pace of life, and even get off that treadmill for a while, given you’re on holidays, here are some Gold Coast health and fitness options to harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

The gentle exercise of tai chi, and yoga or meditation, is designed to quieten your mind. A morning class may be the perfect way to ease into the day.

There's something very relaxing about water - whether it's the trickling of a mountain stream in the rainforest, or a heavier waterfall; or the continuous surge and retreat of the coastal tides, and the sounds of waves breaking along the beach.

Take advantage of the natural beauty of the beach and the nearby national parks, with leisurely walks to explore and appreciate nature.

You'll find plenty of walking tracks in the world-heritage listed rainforests, or the paved walks along the beach esplanades - both options providing fresh air and stunning views.

Or hire a bike for the duration of your holiday and explore the Gold Coast on wheels. The mostly flat terrain of the region makes it a bike rider's dream, and you'll find this Gold Coast health and fitness activity very easy and pleasurable indeed.

Golf is great physical exercise... as long as you don't let that little white ball mess with you mentally, by not doing what it's meant to do!

Other, more active Gold Coast health and fitness activities that will get your heart pumping and increase circulation include tennis or beach volleyball.

And finally, one of my favourite Gold Coast health and fitness activities - a visit to a Gold Coast day spa. This is a wonderful way to de-stress and reward yourself. You'll enjoy and appreciate every single minute that you're there - trust me. It's such a luxurious experience - every woman should experience a day spa at some time in her life.

And in the nature of providing equal opportunity, I guess every man should experience a day spa at some time in his life too!

Click any of the links below to see further details of these Gold Coast health and fitness activities.

And, whatever your idea of an indulgent treat is, live a little, and find a way to enjoy it at least once during this holiday. If it makes you feel good, it is good for your health and wellbeing.

And this is the very essence of a holiday.

Gold Coast Health and Fitness Activities:

Bikeriding at Burleigh Heads TQ Hire a Bike & Follow the Beachfront Bike Pathways
If you're up for some exercise, a liberal dose of fresh air and some stunning scenery, then a good old-fashioned bike ride might be just the thing. Hire a bike for a day, or up to a week. Choose from beach cruisers, tandem bikes, kids bikes. Or, consider
Other Bike Riding Options
There's more to the Gold Coast than the beach pathways, stunning though they are. If you're serious about Gold Coast health and fitness, and want to explore some of the area's 600 km of bikeways, or would like to go off-road, there are mountain or island bike options too.
Scenic Walk from Greenmount to Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast TQ Take a Scenic Walk Through Beach, Bush or Rainforest
The Gold Coast has a terrific network of pathways that follow the beach and waterways almost entirely from Coolangatta to Paradise Point. Not that we're suggesting you walk the entire way (~ 48km!) on your holiday. At least, not in one day. Or the Federation Walk will take you on a path through regenerated bush and beside sand dunes. Or a rainforest walk in one of the many national parks a short distance from Surfers Paradise.
Golf at Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast TQ Experience Golf on a Resort Course
With more than 40 (yes, 40!) golf courses available for play on the Gold Coast, golfers will be in heaven. Courses (and prices) range from the average, solid course through to the more exclusive, resort-style course. With a bit of imagination, you could be driving down the straight at Augusta, or St Andrews, with Tiger as your partner.
Golf Lesson at Hope Island Resort, Gold Coast TQ Learn to Play Golf Like a Professional
OK, so maybe this heading exaggerates slightly - it's probably unlikely you'll play like a pro when you first pick up a golf stick. But with the right instruction, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll get into the swing of the game... or at least have a lot of fun trying. And it's incredibly satisfying the first time you hit the ball and it flies through the air - that's a moment to remember!
Beach Volleyball on Surfers Paradise Beach TQ Join in a Game of Beach Volleyball
Enjoy the holiday atmosphere and friendly competition of beach volleyball. The sand creates a unique playing field and, although it can be a tad challenging trying to move quickly for the ball, it does have a cushioning effect for those players who aren't scared to dive for the ball. Or, if the game is not your kind of exercise, beach volleyball makes a good spectator sport, with the nearby water providing the perfect half-time break to cool down.
Family relaxing on Currumbin Beach TQ Relax & Chill Out on the Beach
Nature has abundantly provided one of the best attractions in the area, arguably the jewel in the crown of the Gold Coast... the magnificent beach! Stretching 32 kilometres from Coolangatta to The Spit, with a further 22 kilometres of beach along South Stradbroke Island, there's enough beach for you to stake a claim in the sand and relax. With a comfortable beach chair, a good book, and the relaxing sound of the surf rolling in, you're in your own piece of paradise.
Exercising at Gwingaana Lifestyle Retreat, Gold Coast TQ Recharge Your Batteries in a Health Retreat
There's a range of health retreats located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, where the rainforest creates a tranquil backdrop for visitors who really want to unwind and recharge. With a range of gentle exercises, body treatments, and healthy, nutritious foods, this is an idyllic investment in your personal health and wellbeing.
Massage at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Gold Coast TQ Relax & Revitalise at a Day Spa
If you're looking for a luxurious treat during your holiday, with the added benefit of providing total relaxation and enhancing your mental wellbeing, a visit to a day spa is a must! With a range of body and facial treatments to choose from, this is a delightful experience, and truly a pleasure.

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Beauty Treatment at Day Spa, Phoenician Resort, Broadbeach TQ
Luke’s Bluff at O’Reilly’s, Lamington National Park, Gold Coast TQ
Hiker Beside Stream at Binna Burra, Gold Coast TQ
Relaxing on Gold Coast Broadwater TQ
Couple Walking along Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast TQ
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Flying Kite on Mt Tamborine, Gold Coast TQ
Beach Cricket on Greenmount Beach, Coolangatta TQ
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