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Taking a sightseeing tour with one of the Gold Coast helicopters is no longer a 'once in a lifetime' experience - it's affordability now means you can budget to do it as many times as you choose

... and even if you still consider it a little luxury, it's well worth indulging yourself during your Surfers Paradise holiday.

From the tingle of anticipation you'll feel the moment you book the flight; to the flutters and butterflies you'll have when you climb aboard; to the absolute thrill of vertical lift-off, this will be an experience to remember!

And did we mention the spectacular views and scenery?

Using headphone and speakers, you'll be able to communicate with your pilot who will provide interesting commentary throughout the flight, pointing out items of interest and answering any questions you may have.

If you're after a photograph of something in particular, be sure to mention it to the pilot beforehand and he'll do his best to ensure you're lined up for a great shot.

If you're not familiar with the region, a Gold Coast helicopters tour is a great way to get the 'big picture' of contrasting scenic areas that make up the Gold Coast and her surrounds.

You'll view the natural beauty of mountains, canals and rivers; the thick, lush rainforests of the Gold Coast national parks.

Although noise restrictions in national parks mean that helicopters are not permitted to fly down for waterfall close-ups, you'll nonetheless see some breathtaking hinterland scenery.

A flight along the coastline is a highlight of any air travel, plus the singular beauty of sparkling blue oceans and golden Gold Coast beaches that stretch for miles and miles in either direction will add to your delight.

And, at a helicopter's flying height, you may even be lucky enough to see dolphins frolicking in the surf!

And then there are the man-made attractions which you'll easily identify from the air, including colourful theme parks, the many Gold Coast golf courses, resorts and other Surfers Paradise landmarks including the Q1 tower, and Jupiters Casino.

Family Photograph After Helicopter Tour, Surfers Paradise

A range of tours is available from various Gold Coast helicopter tour operators. Prices start from around $45 per person, which will get you a 5 minute helicopter ride around the take-off area.

Subsequent tours go up in 5-minute blocks to around 30 minutes, and of course, venture further and further afield to take in other sights. Longer, custom-designed flights are also available.

Contact any one of the following companies to book your helicopter charter flight... and enjoy!

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For a short joyride of ~ 5 minutes airtime, prices start from:
- Adults: $45-$50
- Children*: $33-$39
* Check with tour operators re the age at which children are charged, but expect it to be around 3 years of age and older.
Toilets, refreshments.
Wet Weather
Does not operate in the event of heavy rain or high winds, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
Daylight hours, 7 days a week, weather permitting.
- Flight times vary from just 5 minutes, through to ~30 minutes.
- Longer, custom flights may be arranged with individual tour operators for a negotiated price, such as to a winery, or to a deserted beach for a picnic!
Handy Hints
- Wear comfortable clothing, bring sunglasses and camera.
- Maximum passenger numbers depend on the size of the helicopter, and may range up to 6 persons.
- One infant per flight is generally allowed to travel unrestrained (ie. held on a parent’s lap).
- Bookings are essential, and minimum numbers of at least 2 people may apply.
- Women in late term pregnancy should consult a doctor before taking a helicopter joyflight.
- If you’ve been scuba diving, you must wait 12-24 hours before flying.
How To Get There
Departure location varies depending on operator.
Further Info
Refer tour operator table below.

ABC Heli
Tel 07-5536 7888
European Helicopter Services
Tel 0414 750 000
Gold Coast Helicopters
Tel 07-5536 3628
Gold Coast Helitours
Tel 07-5591 8457
Leading Edge Helicopters
Tel 07-5540 7341
Professional Helicopter Services
Tel 07-5599 3700
Dreamworld Helicopters
Tel 07-5502 7407
Sea World Helicopters
Tel 07-5588 2224

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