Credits for Gold Coast Images on this Site

This is to acknowledge where I sourced all the Gold Coast images that appear on this site. ‘A picture tells a thousand words’, and I so appreciate the high quality work provided by the various photographers.

Many of the incredibly beautiful photographs used throughout this website are provided by Tourism Queensland.

I sincerely thank Tourism Queensland for their generous support in granting access to their outstanding image library. And my thanks also to the Image Library team, who have been so helpful and professional in providing assistance.

Next, my appreciation and thanks to John Cebula and Anne Cooper, who so kindly contributed their photography expertise and valuable time in taking many of the Gold Coast images that have been included in this site.

A small number of photographs have been sourced from a photo stock library - I will probably replace these over time, when I get the chance to get out and take replacement photographs.

And finally, the balance of the Gold Coast images have been provided by myself - although I will be the first to admit that they're far from professional, and more in the category of 'happy snaps'!

If you’d like to know specifically which images were supplied by the various photographers, here’s how:

The last two letters of each image's ALT attribute are the initials of the person or organisation who supplied the photograph.

If you're unfamiliar with ALT attributes (I was too, until recently!), these are part of the HTML code for programming images to appear on a website.

The ALT tag is designed to be an alternative text description for each image, to tell the visitor what the photo is about in case it fails to load, or if the visitor has disabled images from loading in order to increase their browsing speed.

Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) will show you the ALT attribute when you simply move the mouse cursor over the photograph. However, not all browsers do this - for example, Firefox does not.

Alternatively, you can either disable images from loading in your browser, or use a text-based browser like Lynx, to easily check out the ALT attribute for each Gold Coast image used in this site.

Following are the initials that will appear:

  • TQ - Tourism Queensland
  • JC - John Cebula
  • AC - Anne Cooper

(The images taken by myself, and the few sourced from a stock library, are not included.)

Surfers at Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland TQYou can see by the ALT attribute that this photograph of surfers at Coolangatta was provided by Tourism Queensland.

The abovementioned photographers have all done a wonderful job in capturing the various moments and immortalizing the Gold Coast and surrounds.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed selecting which of their photographs to include in this site, and I hope you enjoy browsing through their work too.

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