Gold Coast Laser Skirmish

Gold Coast laser skirmish is similar in strategy and purpose to the game of Paintball, with one very obvious difference - no paintballs are used!

This game of skirmish is played with laser guns instead of paintball guns. The guns shoot a harmless, infrared laser beam, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Each player is outfitted with a portable, weatherproof computer that records body hits - with high-tech light and noise effects, so there is no doubt that a 'hit' has been recorded.

As there are no balls or other projectiles involved, Gold Coast laser skirmish may be opened up to younger players (although you must be aged 6 years or older).

Another benefit is that participants will end up with significantly fewer bruises! Oh, and laser skirmish is generally cheaper than paintball, because you don't need to buy any paintballs.

As with paintball, the equipment and rules will be explained to all players, and you'll be briefed with your mission and given time to prepare tactics before the start of play.

A professional referee will follow the action. Importantly, every player plays the game for the entire time, so you're not out of the game if you've been hit.

There are several Gold Coast laser skirmish operators who run this game in a variety of venues. There are generally public sessions (ie. anyone can play) on the weekends and occasionally on weekdays. Session times vary, so we can't list the times here - please contact operators if you're interested.

If you have a group of 10 people or more, discuss with operators to see if you can arrange a custom session, at a time most convenient to you.

Indoor Laser Skirmish

Timezone has an indoor skirmish area in their amusement complex in Surfers Paradise. Although the playing area is limited in size (300 square metres), the props have been designed to cleverly utilise the space available.

And because it is indoors, it's a terrific activity for wet weather or evenings.

The cost is $9 per game, which runs for around 15 minutes. Timezone Surfers Paradise is currently running a promotion where you get a game of laser skirmish plus a further 1 hour & 45 minutes of other Timezone games for just $20.

Timezone is located in the Centro Surfers Paradise shopping centre, in Cavill Avenue, and is open 7 days a week, from 9am til midnight. Telephone 07-5539 9500.

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Outdoor Laser Skirmish:
– $25-$30 per player, for 2 hours of game play, including all equipment.

Indoor Laser Skirmish:
– $9 per player, for 15 minutes of game play.
Vary according to venue, but will have toilets nearby.
Wet Weather
- Outdoor Gold Coast laser skirmish may be played in light rains, so take a towel and change of clothes if rain is forecast. Also, the subtropical climate on the Gold Coast means that it’s often warm even when it rains. So you won’t necessarily get cold… just wet!

- Timezone Surfers Paradise is an indoor venue - so perfect for wet or cold days.
Operating Hours
- Outdoor laser skirmish sessions are generally held on the weekends, and sometimes through the week. Session times vary, so need to check with individual operators.

- The indoor laser skirmish at Surfers Paradise is open 7 days, from 9am til midnight.
- Outdoor playing sessions are 2 hours.
- Indoor playing sessions are 15 minutes per game.
Handy Hints
For outdoor laser skirmish:
- Bookings are required for all sessions.
- Take plenty of water, insect repellent, sunscreen, and hat.
- Take a towel & change of clothing, in case required.
- Wear loose comfortable clothing.
- Closed shoes must be worn (boots or joggers); thongs & sandals are not suitable.
- If you have more than 10 players, operators may organise a private session.
How To Get There
Venues vary according to operators.
Refer map below for indoor laser skirmish
Further Info
Refer operator table below.

Laser Battles
Tel 07-5580 4000
Laser Skirmish Gold Coast
Tel 07-5580 6610 or 0418 151 888
Laser Skirmish (Mt Tamborine)
Tel 1300 666 559
Laser Skirmish Events (Sabre)
Tel 07-5593 8255
Urban Assault Skirmish
Tel 07-5594 9292 or 0413 621 841

Timezone: Indoor Laser Skirmish

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