Hanggliding in the Gold Coast Hinterland

Tandem hanggliding with a qualified instructor in the Gold Coast Hinterland will introduce you to the wonder and exhilaration of motorless flight without having to learn for yourself.

The adrenaline rush brought on by running-up and launching off the mountain into the calm, serene world of flight will have you wanting to do this adventure activity for hours... maybe even years, if you get really hooked!

The advantage of tandem hanggliding is that you can enjoy the panoramic views and sights, while your instructor manages the on-board equipment to measure changes in altitude and airspeed, and keep abreast of changing wind conditions. You're just along for the ride! Tandem Hanggliding, Australia

Tandem flights cost between $200-$250 for 30 minutes of actual gliding - all equipment included - although you should allow up to 4 hours for the total experience. This includes glider set-up; safety briefing; the flight itself, followed by pick-up from your landing point.

Tandem passengers must be over 14 years of age and the maximum weight of a passenger will depend on the weight of the instructor (this will be checked by operators when the booking is made).

You'll find that flights are available most days, subject to the weather being suitable.

If you're not quite sure that this adventure activity is for you, why not take a drive to Mount Tamborine or Beechmont and check out this adventure activity firsthand?

There's something eminently soothing and hypnotic about watching a group of hang-gliders waft slowly and elegantly against azure skies - swooping, spiraling, and executing gentle, sweeping turns within the magical world of graceful, soundless flight.

Members of the Canungra Hanggliding Club can be found most weekends of the year, soaring like eagles en masse in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Hangglider in Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland TQ

The cliffs and crags of the hinterland form an excellent platform for hang-gliding - not only for ease of launching, but also for the moderate updraft refracted off the mountains.

This updraft can allow hang-gliders to soar for hours at a time and if weather conditions are good, you can see up to 40 colourful hang-gliders at a time circling the skies of paradise!

It's a good idea to take a blanket or towel to sit on, and a good book to read while you watch. If you have kids, they'll most likely lose interest before you in watching the hanggliders, so take a ball or kite with you, for them to have a play and run around.

Gliders tend to fly during the morning - however if conditions are good, you may still find some unable to tear themselves away into the afternoon.

Wind conditions on the day will determine which of the two main launching sites is used.

Rosins Park, Beechmont, is used mainly during the summer, when winds are south-easterly. The area near Witches Hat National Park in Mt Tamborine is used when south-westerly winds are up, which is generally through the winter months.


Paragliding, Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland TQ

Paragliding is similar to hanggliding - with the notable exception that all required equipment fits into a backpack! ... making it, of course, an extremely portable sport.

It's easy to mistake the paraglider for a parachute - whilst similar in appearance, the paraglider is in fact an aerodynamically designed wing.

This sport is just as exhilarating as gliding, and all it takes is a sense of adventure to have a go!

Tandem flights are generally available every day in the Gold Coast Hinterland, although advance bookings are required.

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Free activity for spectators.
Tandem flights cost range from $200- $250 per person.
Introductory 2 day course costs $500.
Toilets in nearby national park, picnic grounds.
Wet Weather
May operate in very light rain only.
Operating Hours
- Hanggliders can be seen en masse most weekends, typically in the mornings, although also in the afternoon if conditions are good.
- Tandem flights are generally available 7 days a week.
A tandem flight lasts 20-30 mins, although allow 3- 4 hours for the total experience, which includes glider set-up, briefing, and pick-up from landing point.
Handy Hints
- Bookings for tandem flights must be made in advance (minimum age is 14 years).
- Take hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and drinking water.
How To Get There
Hang-gliders use the following locations (refer to maps below), depending on wind conditions on the day:
- Rosins Park at Beechmont: follow the road to Binna Burra, which takes you past the park.
- Just past Witches Hat National Park on Main Western Road at Mt Tamborine.
Further Info
- To find out where the hang-gliders will be on the weekend, call the Mt Tamborine Tourism Information Centre to check which of the above locations is being used, on Tel 07-5545 3200.
- If you’re interested in a tandem flight, refer to the tour operator table below.

SE-Qld HangGliding Service
Tel 07-5543 5631 or
0418 188 655 or
0417 025 732
Paragliding Centre of SE-Qld
Tel 07-5543 4000 or
0418 155 317

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