Kitesurfing on the Gold Coast

Try your hand at kitesurfing - an exhilarating watersport on the Gold Coast that's great fun to watch and absolutely awesome to do!

Harnessed to a large kite, feet strapped to a wakeboard, you'll love the thrill as the wind pulls you across the water... or vertically into the air! Kitesurfing at Narrowneck on Gold Coast JC

Kitesurfing is the latest extreme watersport to take the world by storm, and is a combination of windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing and kite flying. Experienced riders can reach huge heights and produce some spectacular acrobatics!

The most important skill you need for this water activity is control of the kite ... if it's strong enough to lift an adult 60ft into the air for several seconds, then obviously there's a lot of power involved!

The best and fastest way to learn is with kitesurfing lessons from an experienced instructor. He'll assess your body weight and skill level, and provide the right sized kite for you.

Sizes vary from 3 metres to 20 metres, and the larger the kite, the greater the power - so it's pretty important to get it right. Kitesurfing Set-up, Narrowneck Beach

Gold Coast Kitesurfing lessons are offered 7 days a week (subject to wind conditions) and there are a number of options available.

You can join a half-day session, which will cover the basics of safety and kite control. Experimenting with just the kite, you'll get it to drag you through the water (lots of fun!) and into the air without the added complication of a wakeboard.

Or, you can sign up for a series of lessons, where you'll learn over a couple of days how to manouevre the wakeboard and handle the kite at the same time.

When you finally combine the kite with the wakeboard, your first jump could be 20-30 feet with airtime of 6-7 seconds! Utterly exhilarating!

With increased experience, you can start to learn more manoeuvres - which in turn will lead to greater height and further distances. It's not surprising that kitesurfers become addicted to this sport.

And kitesurfing lessons just aren't for beginners.

If you have a little experience under your belt, and would like to learn some more advanced tricks and wave riding styles, have a chat to the tour operators listed below, and see what they can teach you.

If you want to set an aspirational goal, there are professionals in Hawaii and South Africa who are reaching heights of 80 feet and distances of 100 feet! Kitesurfing at Narrowneck on Gold Coast

And whilst I haven't tried this water activity yet... I have enjoyed watching kitesurfers on the Gold Coast apply their skills on many occasions.

And you too will enjoy the sight of multiple kitesurfers on the water, astonished at some of their aerial tricks, and seeing the skills of these surfers put to the test.

You'll find the beach between Narrowneck and Main Beach is a fairly popular place for kitesurfing on the Gold Coast, particularly in the afternoons, when the wind picks up.

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Introductory lesson (90 mins) ~$90 per person.
Full lesson (3 hours) ~$185 per person.
Lessons over a few days (10 hours) cost ~$450 per person.
Public toilet facilities are generally located at a nearby Surf Club or park, so take a rest-stop before the lesson starts.
Wet Weather
May be suitable in light rain, as long as there are no strong winds.
Operating Hours
Lessons are generally available 7 days, depending on instructor availability.
Ranges from 90 minutes to 3-4 hours.
Handy Hints
- Weight and/or age limits may apply (at least 35kg / 15 years).
- All equipment is provided, including kite, board, harness, life vest, wetsuit, helmet.
- Take hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and drinking water.
- Rubber-soled surf booties may help beginners get a better grip on the wakeboard.
- Instructors can only coach small groups (1-3 persons) at any one time, so advance bookings required.
- refer to safety tips for this sport.
How To Get There
Location may vary according to weather conditions, so contact individual tour operators for details.
Further Info
Refer tour operator table below.

Roar Industries (Surf Shop)
Tel 07-5525 7003
Angela 0437 533 324
Paul 0418 722 928
Skyhigh Kitesurf
Tel 0402 329 106
Surf Fx
Tel 07-5531 3199
Wake N Surf
Tel 07-5599 2267
Zero Gravity Kitesurf Lessons
Tel 0418 722 928

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