Ride the Monorail at Broadbeach

A ride on the monorail at Broadbeach is a fun way to entertain the kids - and it's also a novel experience for most adults!

You can sit back, relax, and take in some of the Gold Coast scenery - and you'll see it all from a unique perspective since the track is elevated well above traffic.

The monorail runs on an elevated 1.3 km loop track at Broadbeach, between the Oasis Shopping Centre, the Sofitel Gold Coast Hotel, and Jupiters Hotel Casino.

The Oasis shopping centre and loop track were uniquely designed so the monorail actually travels inside the top level of the shopping centre.

And although it blends cleverly into its environment, it creates a remarkable sight for the shoppers below!

Monorail inside Oasis Shopping Centre JC

The train leaves any of the three stations approx every 10 minutes, so you never have to wait too long for the next one.

You can do a round-loop trip with your family just to check out the ride and scenery, or you can use it to get to one of the other two destinations.

The monorail is an entertaining ride by day and by night.

During the day, there are excellent, long distance views of the Pacific Ocean and its golden beaches, and the waterways and canal-front homes near Jupiters Hotel Casino and the Gold Coast Entertainment Centre.

An evening ride offers other attractions - the sparkling lights and hub of activity along the Gold Coast Highway, combined with the glitz and glamour of Jupiters Hotel Casino, creates an exciting atmosphere which will delight children and adults alike!

Jupiters Hotel Casino, Gold Coast TQ

If you're looking to plan an evening’s activities for the family, why not start with an early evening walk along the beach at Broadbeach, and let the kids have a run around in the excellent playground near the Kurrawa Surf Club.

Then enjoy a wonderful dinner in the Oasis Centre or along the Victoria Mall, where the promenade features many high quality, family-friendly restaurants.

And then climb aboard the monorail and take a night time round-loop ride.

And the perfect way to finish off the evening (at least, from a kid's point of view)?

With a gelati or ice-cream cone from one of the Broadbeach parlours in the Oasis shopping centre or Victoria mall!

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$2 per person.
Kids under 7 years are free.
Parking, toilets, wheelchair accessibility at all 3 stations.
Foodcourt & restaurants at both the Oasis Shopping Centre & Jupiters Hotel Casino stops.
Wet Weather
Runs in all weather - all stations are undercover.
Operating Hours
7 days a week, from 9am – midnight.
Services run approx every 10 minutes.
The last train for the evening leaves from the Jupiters Casino station and terminates at the Oasis centre.
A single circuit takes ~10 minutes.
Handy Hints
- No food or drink is permitted in the cars, so if you’re planning to buy an ice-cream, do so after the ride.
How To Get There
Oasis Shopping Centre
Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
(refer map reference below.)
Further Info
Oasis Centre Management:
Tel 07-5592 3900.

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