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The Mt Tamborine NP is unique in that it is made up of several individual pockets of parkland dotted across Mount Tamborine, instead of being one continuous tract of land.

The six main sections of the national park provide picnic facilities and a choice of short, easy walking trails through the rainforest, which are particularly good for beginner bush walkers.

Visitors may follow trails to waterfalls and enjoy the spectacular vista from scenic lookouts. Rainforest Walk at Mt Tamborine National Park, Queensland TQ

One of the sections of the Mt Tamborine NP, Witches Falls, holds a place in local history because it was the first declared national park in Queensland, in 1908.

A good friend of mine lives at Tamborine Mountain, and we created a lovely habit of having our regular catch-up chat as we walked along one of the lovely rainforest trails in the Mt Tamborine NP.

Over a period of a year or two, I think we did just about every walk - and there are some truly beautiful sights - and it was just so enjoyable and relaxing.

And the healthy dose of exercise made us both feel guilt-free when we stopped via a cafe on the way home for some refreshments!

The Mt Tamborine NP is in close proximity to a range of other attractions in the area, such as antiques and other cottage industries along the famous Gallery Walk.

And there are several wineries in the area, a boutique distillery, and specialist cheese and chocolate producers, just to name a few of the epicurean delights you may wish to experience. Curtis Falls, Mt Tamborine National Park, Queensland TQ

And did I mention the scrumptious morning and afternoon teas served by several of the local cafes?

You could easily spend a day on Mount Tamborine, taking a leisurely rainforest walk along one of the walking trails in the Mt Tamborine NP, followed by a picnic or BBQ in the national park, or in a nearby teahouse.

Then spend the rest of the day exploring other attractions in the area.

Click here for a Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service (QNP&WS) map of Mt Tamborine NP.

The QNP&WS also provides description and details for most of the walking trails in the Mt Tamborine NP, which is worth reading if you're preparing for some bush walking.

Reference Sources

Bush Walk Departure Point Distance (Return) Classification Duration
McDonald section
Rainforest circuit Wongawallen Road 1.4 km Class 2 30 mins
Witches Fall section
Witches Falls circuit Main Western Road 3.1 km Class 3 1 hour
Witches Chase circuit Branches off Witches Falls circuit 5.8 km Class 3 2.5 hours
Cedar Creek section
Cedar Falls Lookout Cedar Creek Road 500m Class 1 15 mins
Cedar Falls Pools Cedar Creek Road 900m Class 4 30 mins
Joalah section
Curtis Falls circuit Dapsang Drive 1.5 km Class 3 45 mins
Joalah circuit
Branches off Curtis Falls circuit 3.3 km Class 4 1.5 hours
Palm Grove section
Rainforest circuit Palm Grove Ave 2.6 km Class 3 1 hour
Jenyns Falls
Branches off Rainforest circuit 4.5 km Class 4 2 hours
The Knoll section
Sandy Creek /Cameron Falls circuit Knoll Road 2.6 km Class 3 1 hour

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Access to this National Park is free.
Wheelchair access to toilets, picnic areas, range of walking trails, constructed lookouts. There are a range of cafes and restaurants within a 5 minute drive.
Wet Weather
Don't let a bit of light rain scare you from bush walking - although ensure you have a change of clothing for when the walk is over, and take extra care of slippery rock surfaces.
Walking in heavier rains is not recommended, for both safety and environmental considerations.
Operating Hours
This NP is open 24 hours a day, all year round.
All the walks are relatively short, ranging from 15-30 minutes up to 2.5 hours.
Handy Hints
- All roads leading up to Tamborine Mountain are steep and windy, so drive with care.
- Also, there are few opportunities for overtaking, so if you have a trail of cars behind you, be courteous and pull into a layby to enable them to pass you.
- Read our handy hints for planning your rainforest trek.
- Check out our practical safety tips for bush walkers.
- Refer guidelines for how you can minimise your personal impact on the environment.
How To Get There
If self-driving, make your way to the village of North Tamborine, and then refer to the attached map to find each of the six main sections of this NP.

If using the Pacific Highway, take exit TBA from the north or exit TBA from the south. Then follow the Oxenford-Tamborine Road for ~ 23 km.
If coming from Nerang, follow directions along the Nerang-Beaudesert Road for ~ 28 km.
And if coming from Canungra, follow the winding Tamborine Mountain Road for a short 4km.

Or refer to tour operators who offer day trips to national parks.
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