Paintball Gold Coast

Paintball Gold Coast is a terrific outdoor adventure activity that you may find challenging on both a mental and physical level.

The basic game of Paintball, also known as Skirmish, consists of two opposing teams, each with the objective of capturing the other's flag and returning to home base, while at the same time protecting their own flag.

Various game scenarios may be played in the 2-hour session time. These include 'Blow the Bridge', 'Defence of the Forts' and 'Terminator', and depending upon the number and expertise of players, each game generally lasts for 20-30 minutes.

You'll find it exhilarating matching your wits and skills against the opposing team, in an effort to win the game and declare victory.

In some versions of the game, players are eliminated once they are visibly marked by a ball. Under the Gold Coast paintball rules, however, you simply call 'hit'; raise your marker above your head; move back 30 paces; then continue to play.

This means you don't miss out on any action during the relatively short playing session.

Paintball, Gold Coast

The action happens in an outdoor recreation area in the Gold Coast Hinterland, with lots of trees, dense undergrowth and waterways - which become very important to you as you dart, dodge and duck from the enemy!

The battlefield' is a terrific set-up, with forts, villages and bridges dotting the landscape to make your manouevres more interesting.

They even have real army tanks, a combat helicopter, and military vehicles (sourced through the Gold Coast War Museum, owned by the same proprietor), to make the action as realistic as possible!

All equipment is provided by Skirmish HQ and includes the marker (your gas-powered paintgun), goggles for eye protection, and paintballs - which is actually a bit of a misnomer...

Paintballs are actually gelatin capsules containing liquid vegetable food colouring. They're non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable, so not only cause no harm to the environment, but are easily washed from clothing.

So who can play?

Individuals or small groups (aged 15 years and over) will be assigned to a team ... or you can put together a group of 20 or more and arrange your own private session.

Playing Paintball Outdoors

This adventure activity is relatively competitive and, depending on what you're wearing and where you're hit, a ball can hurt for a few seconds after hitting your body.

It may even cause bruising and for these reasons, the larger percentage of players tends to be male.

However, females are more than welcome to join in, and more than hold their own in this game.

The equipment and rules will be explained to all players, and you'll be briefed with your mission and given time to prepare tactics before the start of play.

Referees follow the action closely to check that rules are being followed.

You'll find Gold Coast paintball to be an adrenaline-boosting game and great outdoor exercise. It will provide a good work-out, and is just a fun adventure activity to do with your mates...

and if you've got enough 'petrol in your tank' when the playing session is over, you can relax with the rest of your team at the local pub and reflect on the action of the day!

Or, if you'd like to play a similar game without paintballs, you may wish to check out laser skirmish, which uses harmless, infrared laser beams and electronically records body 'hits'.

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- $39 per player (All players must be 15+ years; photo ID required)
- Cost includes equip & 56 balls. Extra balls cost $17 per pack of 56.
- Optional hire of camouflage coveralls (wear over own clothing) $7.
Toilets, refreshments (no showers).
Wet Weather
Paintball Gold Coast is played in rain, or shine. Yes, this is an outdoor activity, so take a towel and change of clothes if rain is forecast. Also, the subtropical climate on the Gold Coast means that it’s often warm even when it rains. So you won’t necessarily get cold… just wet!
Operating Hours
Open 7 days a week. Sessions are:
Saturday: 9am, 12pm & 3pm.
Sunday to Friday: 10am & 1pm.
Playing sessions are 2 hours.
Handy Hints
- Bookings are required for all sessions.
- Take plenty of water, insect repellent, sunscreen, and hat.
- Take a towel & change of clothing, in case required.
- Wear loose comfortable clothing, long pants, and extra padding or protection for sensitive parts of the body.
- Closed shoes must be worn (boots or joggers); thongs & sandals are not suitable.
How To Get There
Refer to map below.
Further Info
Skirmish HQ Gold Coast
42 John Rogers Rd (off Springbrook Rd), Mudgeeraba. Tel 07-5530 5222.

View Skirmish HQ, Gold Coast in a larger map

Tips for Beginners

  1. Work in small groups of 2-3 to provide cover fire for each other while advancing.
  2. Communicate often with your team - share info about the opposition's current location.
  3. Consider the objective of the game & work out a simple plan to give your initial movements a sense of certainty and purpose.
  4. Actively participate in order to experience the best of this game - seek out, or create the action; don't always wait for other players to come to you.
  5. Quickly work out your range of accuracy so you don't waste paintballs (& give away your position) -and always aim! A good rule of thumb for beginners is to shoot at targets from inside 25 metres.
  6. Stay low & behind cover wherever possible. Best positions are squatting or kneeling so you can move quickly and easily when needed.
  7. Have your team spread out, providing multiple targets & making the opposition's mission more difficult.
  8. Be a good sport and call it as a 'hit' if you're tagged with a paintball.
  9. Above all, enjoy!

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