Parasailing on the Gold Coast

Experience the thrill of parasailing and floating on air...

WHAT could be more exhilarating than hovering high above the aquamarine waters of the Gold Coast broadwater - eagerly searching for signs of marine life below?

Your sweeping, birds'-eye view will take in the Surfers Paradise skyline and nearby South Stradbroke Island, and extends westward to the magnificent Gold Coast Hinterlands. Parasailing at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast TQ

Your adventure starts from the moment you leave shore aboard the speedboat that will become your launching pad!

Imagine the thrill when your boat gathers speed and your canopy snaps to attention overhead ... your feet are swept from the deck and suddenly, you're floating on air, your heart and spirit soaring high above the flashing waters below.

You don't need to know how to swim to enjoy parasailing. You can go up fully clothed and remain totally dry ... or, if you'd prefer a gentle dip in the water, the crew will gladly oblige (if conditions allow).

Whatever your choice however, all passengers are legally required to wear a personal flotation device (lifejacket).

There are two slightly different ways to enjoy this water activity: you may choose to be strapped into a body harness which is directly attached to the parasail canopy; or you can be seated in a rigid chair that is then attached to the parasail canopy.

If you have a definite preference, check with your tour operator beforehand to see which method they offer.

When you're strapped in, you'll be gently winched up into the sky. The height you reach is determined by the speed of the boat - the faster the boat goes, the higher you go.

It's possible to parasail to a height of up to 100 metres! Parasailing

And once this incredible experience is finished, a crew member will bring you back to earth (well, the boat actually) via a hydraulic winch which reels both you and the canopy back to the deck.

Actual 'air-time' depends on the individual operator, but will generally range from 7 to 12 minutes. All up however, your trip may take 1-2 hours, depending on the number of passengers who will be parasailing over the Gold Coast.

Oh, and note that some operators also allow spectators on board if there is room, for a slight additional cost.

Minimum age requirements may vary slightly across operators, so if you have children under 10 years of age who are keen to experience parasailing by flying tandem with an adult, check with your tour operator prior to booking.

Depending on the conditions of the day, there may be a minimum weight required for solo passengers... or two adults can parasail together, so long as their combined weight is no more than 150kg.

This parasailing Gold Coast adventure will have you floating on air, and you will truly love this experience!

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From $60-$70 per person.
Early bird discounts, or special group rates, may apply.
Toilet facilities are generally located in nearby park or marina, so take a rest-stop before meeting the tour operator's boat.
Wet Weather
Not suitable in heavy rain or windy conditions.
Operating Hours
All year round.
Actual 'air time' is 7 - 12 minutes, however allow up to 2 hours for the entire experience, as there are likely to be others doing this water activity in the same session as you.
Handy Hints
- Wear casual beach attire: swimmers, or shorts, t-shirt. Bring towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, and hat.
- There are lots of pricing packages on offer, so if you're planning to do two or more activities (choosing from jetskiing, parasailing, or a speedboat ride), check with tour operators for best offer.
How To Get There
Most tour operators are located on the Broadwater (Main Beach through to Labrador). Hotel pick-ups from and drop-offs to your Gold Coast accommodation may be available.
Further Info
Refer tour operator table at end of article.

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