Visit the Ripley Museum in Surfers Paradise

Visit the Ripley Museum in Surfers Paradise, and you'll find an amazing assortment of artifacts, curios and exotic facts.

If you, or other family members, have a lively curiosity, are a trivia buff, or simply enjoy collecting unusual topics of conversation for your next dinner party, then Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum is for you!

An intrepid explorer and collector, Robert Ripley traveled the world extensively during the 1920's, when it was unusual, costly, and relatively risky to do. Entrance to Ripley?s Museum, Surfers Paradise AC

He was an adventurer who journeyed long hours and distances to reach destinations that even today would be considered exotic and out-of-the-way!

As a result of his travels, Ripley amassed an amazing assortment of artifacts and information, which range from the exotic - to the downright bizarre!

At Ripley's museum, you'll learn about the fascinating rituals of early South American tribes; see examples of the strange and curious - such as the two-headed calf; dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic period; and some (almost) unbelievable feats by some very interesting people.

You'll have the chance to watch nature's awesome power and experience what it might be like to go over the Niagara Falls.

And take the Shark survival challenge and see how an Australian man lived to tell the tale of his encounter with a great white shark. Poster of Ripley?s Believe It Or Not Museum, Surfers Paradise JC

Ripley's museum acquired the rights to the Guinness World Records Museum - so you'll also see some unusual and remarkable world records.

These include full-scale models of the world's tallest man who was a towering 2.72m (8'11"); and the world's widest man who weighed in at a massive 636kg (or 1400lb)!

There's much, much more on display in Ripley's museum at Surfers Paradise, and it's easy to spend a fascinating couple of hours touring the museum.

You're sure to be glad, sad, touched, inspired - or downright gobsmacked by at least one or two of the exhibits!

UPDATE: This Surfers Paradise attraction is currently closed due to redevelopment.
The planned re-opening date is December 18, 2009.

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Adults: $21.90
Seniors, Students, Backpackers: $18.50
Kids 5-12 yrs: $12.50
Kids 1-4 yrs: Free
Toilets & refreshments nearby.
Wet Weather
Venue is indoors.
Operating Hours
9am – 11pm, 7 days a week.
1-2 hours.
Handy Hints
- A couple of areas (such as the graveyard) may be a little scary for younger children, so parents may need to accompany them; there are 12 themed areas in total, so these areas can be easily avoided and still leave plenty of other things to do and see.
- This venue is wheelchair-accessible.
How To Get There
Soul Shopping Centre, Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise.
Further Info
Ripley’s Museum:
Tel 07-5592 0040

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