Indoor Rock Climbing Wall, Gold Coast

An indoor rock climbing wall on the Gold Coast will test your stamina and endurance.

So, if you were inspired by the spectacular rock climbing scenes in the movie, Mission Impossible 2, an indoor centre is a great place to start...

It may not turn you into Tom Cruise, but it will certainly create some excitement and a fair share of adrenaline!

And the not-inconsiderable upside? There's no driving wind, rain or hail trying to sweep you off the mountain-side... and no blistering sun frying you up against the hot rock-face!

The controlled conditions at an indoor rock climbing wall provide a safe environment for beginners to learn climbing, and a qualified instructor to show you the ropes (both figuratively and literally).

Before you start, the climbing centre's instructor will take you through a short training session to explain and demonstrate climbing techniques and the all-important safety guidelines.

Another definite plus to an indoor rock climbing wall is that it allows you, the climber, to determine the degree of mental and physical challenge you're willing to tackle.

All climbing walls are graded and colour-coded so you can work your way from the 'easy' climbs to the more advanced, learning different techniques as you go.

Indoor Rockclimbing, Gold Coast JC

Lower graded climbs (coloured green and yellow) have good sized hand and foot holds, enabling the climber to continue upwards with relative ease.

As the grades become higher (coloured blue and red), so the holds become further apart - and much smaller in size. Sometimes all that will fit is a single finger!

In some instances, there aren't any holds at all... just cracks or ridges which you, the climber, need to jam parts of your body into in order to continue up the wall!

Progress can be measured by the amount of time it takes to reach the top of a particular climb, whether you can get there without a rope ... or whether you can get there at all.

The indoor rock climbing wall on the Gold Coast will provide a great work-out. Although most climbing is done using leg muscles, arms will get a good going over too... not to mention almost every other muscle in your body.

So, if you're a first-time climber, don't overexert yourself... or at least be prepared to discover the following day that you have muscles you never knew existed!

You will need to climb with at least one partner. One of you will be on the wall, wearing a harness attached to a safety rope, while the other will be watching from the ground and controlling the rope.

If the climber slips, they'll merely swing in the air for a while until lowered safely to the ground (luckily, the physics law of leverage applies, so you don't need to be Superman or Wonderwoman to support your partner's full weight!).

Working in pairs will maximise your time on the rock climbing wall, however groups of three also work well - with one person taking an often well-earned rest while the other two are active.

If you can't get anyone to come climbing with you, and are really keen to try out this activity, Paramount Centre may be able to provide a person to operate the ropes for you, at an additional charge. Contact the centre in advance to make arrangements. Girl Indoor Climbing, Gold Coast JC

The indoor rock climbing wall on the Gold Coast offers you unlimited use of climbing walls during any one day - so you can climb for a couple of hours in the morning; head to the beach for a swim or off to lunch; and return in the afternoon for more climbing.

Of course, if you have the stamina and endurance, you can simply climb all day long.

With a total wall area of 850 square metres and 120 different climbs to a height of 11.3 metres, there is easily enough to challenge and keep you active for hours.

And if you've been to Paramount Adventure’s rock climbing walls before and believe you've mastered them all... think again. Walls are re-configured a couple of times each month - so your new challenge awaits!

Most indoor climbing centres are friendly and very social, and the rock climbing wall at the Gold Coast is no different. It provides a great, fun environment for families, social clubs or friends who just want to try something different.

There are no age barriers - just mind barriers... so get out there and give it a go!

Children & Climbing

Children & climbing are a great combination to keep kids fit and having fun. There's no strict age minimum, with kids as young as 3 years using the indoor rock climbing wall on the Gold Coast.

There are a few requirements that parents need to be aware of. Children under 12 yrs are not permitted to operate the ropes, and so must be accompanied by a person over 12 yrs who can operate the ropes for them.

Young Boy on Indoor Climbing Wall JC

All climbers, regardless of age or experience, must complete an Assumption of Risk form for insurance purposes prior to climbing. Children under 18 years must have a parent/guardian sign the form.

If you think you'll return to the centre more than once, ask for a climbing card, to save having to sign the form each time.

A Kids Club operates on Saturday mornings from 8.30-10.30am, with kids being coached in safe climbing techniques. This is great value at $12 per child, including harness hire.

If you're bringing a couple of kids, it's preferable to have at least one rope operator per 2-3 children - if the ratio is any higher, the kids will get bored waiting for their turn.

The Kids Club ends at 10.30am, however you can stay on afterwards and use the rock climbing wall on the Gold Coast for as long as you like, and continue climbing for no additional cost. Bookings are recommended.

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Entry Cost:
- Adults: $16
- Students: $14
- Kids under 5 yrs: $6

Equipment Hire Cost:
- Harness: $5
- Climbing shoes (optional, if you don't have rubber-soled, enclosed shoes): $5.50
- Chalk bag (optional): $4
Showers, refreshments.
Wet Weather
Venue is indoors.
Operating Hours
Mon-Fri: Midday til 9 pm
Sat-Sun: 10 am til 6 pm
Unlimited time - can range from 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on your level of enjoyment & stamina.
Handy Hints
- Wear comfortable, loose clothing, such as shorts/t-shirt.
- Climbers must wear joggers, or sports shoes with a rubber sole (hire of climbing shoes is available).
- If you have long hair, take a clip or band, to tie it back from your face when climbing.
- Thursdays are generally very social days, with games & a BBQ mixed with some climbing. Pick-ups are available from several backpacking hostels – call for further details.
- You must have at least one climbing partner. If not, the Centre may be able to provide a person to operate the ropes for you, at an additional charge. Contact the Centre to arrange in advance.
- Children under 12 yrs cannot operate the ropes, and must be accompanied by a person over 12 yrs to perform this activity.
How To Get There
38 Hutchinson St, West Burleigh.
Refer map below.
Further Info
Paramount Adventure Centre
Tel 07-5593 6919

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