Introductory Sailing Course
on the Gold Coast

Be exhilarated in an introductory sailing course on the Gold Coast... feel what it's like to set sail with the wind in your hair, as you learn the basics of this craft.

Self-proclaimed sea-lovers and sailors will tell you that the salt gets in your blood, and there's nothing quite so exciting as pitting yourself against the wind to ride the ocean under sail.

An introductory sailing course on the Gold Coast waterways will teach you the basics of this craft -

it may not qualify you to enter the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, however it will provide several hours of enjoyment and challenge.

And you'll learn some good skills that will stand you in good stead should you wish to continue with more advanced sailing courses in future.

Several locations around the Gold Coast provide calm, sheltered waters that are ideal for beginner sailors.

The best time of day is morning, when winds are light. Afternoons are not out of the question, but the wind is more likely to pick up strength - which is great when you know how to sail, but not ideal when learning. Sailing on Gold Coast Broadwater, Queensland TQ

The key components of learning to sail are safety and fun...

and the various schools that provide sailing courses on the Gold Coast aim to teach you the basics with this in mind, so you can enjoy and develop a love of sailing.

Sailing courses vary between different sailing schools in terms of length, boat types and scheduled dates -

but the great thing about Gold Coast sailing is that weather and water temperatures make it possible to learn all year round, even though wetsuits may be used during cooler months.

Several accredited sailing schools offer the Australian Yachting Federation (AYF) Learn to Sail program for beginners, which teaches you to sail a small boat (ie. dinghy) by yourself.

One of the advantages of this sailing course is that every little mistake shows up in a small boat, forcing you to learn how to handle the boat properly.

Also, with just one person per dinghy, you won't have anyone else to rely on (or blame!), so will learn quickly from your own mistakes!

AYF certified courses are mainly staged over several weeks (typically on the weekend) and are great if you live around the Gold Coast or are visiting for an extended time.

However, if you're just visiting the Gold Coast for a short time and would like to try your hand at this sport, there are operators that will happily take you on a half or full-day's sailing course so you can start learning the basics.

You may not receive a certificate, but you'll have loads of fun, and in the process discover whether sailing interests you enough to embark on a 4-5 week course at a later time. Sailing on Gold Coast Broadwater, Queensland TQ

On a typical introductory sailing course, you’ll be part of a small group and spend an intensive (but fun!) day learning how to sail a 30 foot yacht.

Starting with a “cook’s tour”, you'll find out what everything is and where it's located; put up the sail; tie knots; leave a wharf; rescue a person overboard; learn how to operate a radio, plus a number of other nautical tasks.

The small group size (maximum size 4-5 people) ensures that everyone gets a turn at each activity.

One day courses are generally run on a weekend, however may be scheduled through the week if there are sufficient numbers.

Wheelchair-bound participants are also encouraged to learn to sail.

The Sailability Club has 6 boats that are wheelchair-accessible and meets every Tuesday from 12 noon to ~ 4pm at Hollywell.

And finally, if you've had some sailing experience and wish to improve your skills, a 2-3 day competent crewing course may be the next step for you.

A couple of schools teach this program, where you'll learn to become a useful crew member on a yacht.

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Operators Contact Sailing Course
Adventure Sailing School 07-5510 8156 or 0438 188 489 Introductory Sailing & Competent Crew courses
Offshore Sailing 0408 820 666 Introductory Sailing & Competent Crew courses
Runaway Bay Yacht Club 07-5577 3344 or 07-5577 4855 Junior & Adult Learn to Sail courses
Sailability Gold Coast 0408 535 002 or 0405 199 934 Sailing skills for people with disabilities
Southport Yacht Club 07-5537 7030 Junior & Adult Learn to Sail courses
Sail Trek Pty Ltd 07-5502 6202 Introductory Sailing & Competent Crew courses

- Junior sailing lessons (age 7-16 years): $15 per 2-hour session
- Introductory sailing course (1 day): ~$150 per person
- Competent Crewing course (2 days): $TBA
- Learn To Sail course (over 5 weeks): $300 per person

Cost includes all equipment.

Toilets nearby. Some tour operators may provide light refreshments.
Wet Weather
Suitable in rain, although courses do not operate in strong winds and heavy rain, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
All year round.
- Junior sailing lessons are on Sunday mornings.
- Adult courses are available all year round (mainly on weekends), and may be subject to minimum numbers. For this reason, advance bookings are recommended.
- If you have a group of more than 3 people, tour operators may be able to provide a custom tour on the day of your choice.
- Juniour sailing lessons: 2 hour sessions
- Introductory & Competent Crewing courses are 1 & 2 days respectively.
- The AYF courses start every 5 weeks, and are typically run on weekends, in 3-4 hour sessions. Check with individual sailing schools.
Handy Hints
- The Sailability Club has 6 boats that are wheelchair-accessible.
- Take a towel, change of clothes, deck shoes or joggers that have a rubber sole.
- Check with operator if you need to provide your own lunch.
- Take hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and drinking water.
How To Get There
Refer to map references below for locations.
Further Info
Refer operator table at end of article.

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