Tandem Skydiving on the Gold Coast

Tandem skydiving on the Gold Coast will provide one of the most intense and exciting adventure experiences of your holiday.

You'll leap from a helicopter or airplane and freefall 3km back to earth at speeds approaching 200 kph... senses on overload; wind roaring in your ears and your face trying to wrap itself around the back of your head.

Or ... if you've ever imagined soaring like an eagle high above the earth; gliding with an amazing sense of freedom where the wind will take you - then skyjumping is for you, too!

Sure you'll go through 30-40 seconds of freefall terror...

but as the parachute unfurls and your mad plummet slows, you'll become the bird of your imagination and spend five glorious minutes gliding tranquilly back to earth, enjoying the most amazing views of some ancient and breathtaking scenery.

The good news about tandem skyjumping is that you don't need to spend days in training before undertaking the actual jump - even if you're an absolute beginner!

In a tandem skydive, your safety harness is securely attached to that of a qualified instructor. You'll then jump, freefall and land together using a single, extra-large parachute which is worn by the instructor.

You don't need to worry about when to pull the ripcord or how to land correctly. The instructor (who will very quickly become the most important person in the world to you) will perform all of these functions - all you need to do is relax and enjoy the ride!

Most first-time Gold Coast skydivers will tell you that it is a sensation like no other and it's easy to see that they're speaking the truth - their grin will still be in place hours after the dive!

Before you jump, you'll need to fill in and sign a registration form, a medical condition statement, and a legal release - all part of standard Australian Parachuting Federation practice. (If you're less than 18 yrs, your parent will need to sign.)

Tandem jumpers will then undertake a 15-20 minute briefing on how the actual dive and landing will take place. Parachuting After Tandem Skydive

This will be followed by a practice session on the ground, which also provides a perfect opportunity to ask any questions before boarding the plane for the real thing.

Just prior to the jump, the instructor will harness you together by attaching himself securely to you at several points.

If you follow all your instructor's directions, you can expect to land safely on your feet!

A couple of other requirements:

  • You must not have any heart problems, respiratory illnesses, ear or sinus problems, fainting spells, or epilepsy. If you have any questions regarding other conditions, contact tour operators or your doctor.
  • You must be at least 14 yrs old to do a tandem dive. There is no maximum age limit for tandem passengers - the oldest tandem skyjumper in Australia is a 92 year old woman!
  • You must weigh less than 110kg (242lb).
Tandem Skydive, Queensland TQ

Even if Gold Coast skydiving is not for you, you'll have a good time watching a friend or family member skyjump.

One of my friends, Suzi, went tandem skyjumping on the Gold Coast a few years ago, to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Now while I can think of more conventional, enjoyable ways to celebrate a birthday (I'm not that adventurous!), I and some other friends went along to watch and provide support.

And I was surprised by how much fun I had!

We watched her safety briefing and practice, chuckled at Suzi's last minute nerves. And we waved and encouraged her as she and the instructor climbed into the helicopter.

And we had fun waiting at the landing site, anticipating their arrival, and hearing her screams of delight. And was she on a high for the rest of the day! Actually, we all were.

All of us, both skyjumper and support crew alike, thoroughly enjoyed Suzi's skydiving Gold Coast experience.

So whether you become an active Gold Coast skydiver, or prefer to watch a loved one do it, you'll thoroughly enjoy this adventure activity.

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Cost ranges from $250- $400 per person
* costs may vary according to number of people skyjumping, and whether you choose to leap from a helicopter or airplane.
Nearby toilets and refreshments.
Wet Weather
Does not operate in wet or windy weather.
Operating Hours
7 days a week, weather permitting.
Between 3-5 hours, depending on location of dropzone.
Handy Hints
- You must be 14 yrs or older, and weigh less than 110kg (242lb).
- Optional extras include photographs or a DVD of yourself while skyjumping.
- You should not scuba dive within 24 hours of this activity, as your oxygen/nitrogen blood levels may be affected at higher altitudes and must stabilise to avoid the bends.
- Joggers/tennis shoes and comfortable shorts or long pants are best. Sandals, skirts and dresses are not suitable.
How To Get There
Discuss arrangements with tour operators.
Further Info
Gold Coast Helitours
Main Beach
Tel 07-5591 8457

Gold Coast Skydive Centre
Coolangatta Airport
Tel 07-5599 1920

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