The Slingshot & Flycoaster Rides
at Adrenalin Park, Surfers Paradise

Become a human catapult and dare to defy gravity on the incredible Slingshot ride. Or swing through the air on the Flycoaster at a starting height of 11 storeys, at Adrenalin Park in Surfers Paradise.

Dare to Defy Gravity on the Slingshot:

Remember that Y-shaped stick with an elastic band that you played with as a kid - catapulting stones or other small missiles? Well, this ride is similar in concept... with one fairly significant exception. It catapults humans!

Feel the absolute, incredible exhilaration of being slung 80 metres into the air at speeds of over 160 kph! You'll find the idea either incredibly insane, or incredibly exciting ... there's no middle ground for a ride like this.

The slingshot takes a maximum of two passengers at any one time and although singles can ride, it's more likely that the operators will pair you with another person.

Once you're strapped in, a patented spring system attached to steel aircraft cables, is activated. It takes about 30 seconds for the correct pressure to build in the springs... and in the riders!

And then the capsule and rider are catapulted vertically into the air.

Amazingly, it takes only a few seconds to reach the height of 80 metres, with an estimated G force of 6g (or 6 times the usual force of gravity) being exerted.

To put this into context, pilots and astronauts need to withstand 10g to ensure that they won't black-out during a flight! Slingshot Ride at Adrenalin Park, Surfers Paradise JC

Once the capsule reaches 80 metres, the springs retract and bring the capsule hurtling back towards the ground where initially, it will stop about 5 metres above the ground before springing skyward once more.

Momentum is gradually lost with each successive bounce, but to add further to the fun (or just plain disorient you, depending upon your point of view), the capsule also begins a series of spins and rotations.

Eventually, you will come to rest at a height of around 30 metres, and a hydraulic lift system will lower you safely to the ground.

The ride is over ... and what may feel like an eternity for some, has actually taken only a few minutes from start to finish.

But wait ... the fun's not over yet.

A video camera installed inside the capsule will record your experience - screams, curses, and all - and replay it moments later on two large screens for your further entertainment.

So you get to live through the experience again... this time without the extreme emotions.

Oh yes, and the spectators get to see it too!

Slingshot Ride at Night at Adrenaline Park, Surfers Paradise JCIt's pure fun and you'll find it very entertaining to watch your own reactions.

This Surfers Paradise attraction is open throughout both the day and the evening. The bright lights and neon colours make night-time more visually exciting - if you can make the ride with your eyes open, that is!!

Take To The Air In The Flycoaster:

The Flycoaster may be loosely described as a modified version of the bungee jump.

However, rather than diving head first into a purely vertical drop as in the bungee jump, you'll swing through the air from end to end.

Flycoaster Ride at Adrenaline Park, Surfers Paradise JC

Starting your jump 11 storeys high and reaching speeds of up to 125kph, it's an incredible stomach-lurching, adrenaline pumping experience.

The beauty of the Flycoaster though, is that you will be securely fastened in a full body harness - unlike a bungee jump, with a single rope around your ankle!

And you can have up to two others jumping with you, making it a fun way to 'take your friends and family with you!'

There is no age or weight restriction - children as young as four years have taken to the air in this Surfers Paradise attraction at Adrenaline Park (generally with a parent!).

Go on... are you daring enough to meet the Surfers Paradise Slingshot or Flycoaster challenge?

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Flycoaster: Single $39, Double $35pp, Triple $29pp
Slingshot: $30pp
Toilets, refreshments nearby.
Wet Weather
Rides may be closed in the event of heavy rain or high winds, for safety reasons.
Operating Hours
Open 7 days a week, 10 am til late.
Each of these rides will take less than 15 minutes, however be prepared for a queue. This won’t be a problem, however, as you’ll have fun watching the riders before you. Allow some extra time to wander around and soak up the atmosphere, especially at night!
Handy Hints
- Wear shorts or trousers, for easy connection of ride harnesses.
- You must be taller than 1.1m (4 ft) to ride the Slingshot.
- These rides aren’t suitable for pregnant women, those with a heart condition, high blood pressure, or epilepsy.
How To Get There
Adrenalin Park, Corner Palm Avenue & Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise
Refer map below.
Further Info
Flycoaster: Tel 07-5539 0474
Slingshot: Tel 07-5570 2700

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