Visit Springbrook National Park
- A World Heritage Listed Area

The magnificent plateau of Springbrook National Park features spectacular lookouts over the valley, with stunning views of world heritage rainforest, waterfalls, deep gorges and jagged cliffs.

There's a great range of walking trails in the Springbrook national park, which take you through subtropical and cool temperate rainforests.

It's a good idea to have a map with you to be clear where each walk starts from. However, the area is very well sign-posted at regular intervals, so you should find your way without too many problems.

There are plenty of lookouts within easy walking distance of the road, and these will afford some truly spectacular views.

Most people have a chuckle at the boldness with which one of the lookouts was named: The Best of All Lookout! The name says it all really. And in all fairness, the views from this lookout are truly spectacular and well worth the walk to the lookout platform. Antarctic Beech Tree on Best Of All Lookout Walk, Springbrook National Park, Queensland TQ

Along the rainforest trail to this lookout (Best of All), you'll come across some incredible ancient Antarctic Beech trees from an era long gone.

These trees are thousands of years old, which is astonishing in itself. And you'll be amazed at their astonishing girth.

And there are several longer, more difficult walking trails for those who like a bit more of a challenge.

Click here for a Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service (QNP&WS) 'big picture' map of Springbrook National Park. And here is a further QNP&WS map of the Springbrook Plateau section of the NP.

The QNP&WS website also provides description and details for most of the walking trails in the Springbrook National Park, which is worth reading if you're preparing for some bush walking.

I've been on a few of the longer full-day walks with friends, and some of the steep sections are pretty hard going!

It's a good excuse to stop and catch your breath while you admire the stunning views of the plateau and valley, with views across to the Gold Coast and stretching across to Mount Warning in northern NSW. Purlingbrook Falls at Springbrook National Park, Queensland TQ

And when you have a picnic lunch and cool your feet in the pools at the base of a waterfall, or dabble them in a gentle stream, it re-energises you in an indescribably, exhilarating way. I attribute it to the power and beauty of nature.

And it's immensely satisfying to return from the end of a long day's walking adventure in Springbrook national park, and relax in the local pub and drink a refreshing and well-earned beer!

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Bush Walk Departure Point Distance (Return) Classification Duration
Wunburra Lookout Gold Coast-Springbrook Road 30 mtrs Class 2 5 mins
Canyon Lookout Gold Coast-Springbrook Road 30 mtrs Class 1 5 mins
Best of All Lookout Repeater Station Road, off Gold Coast-Springbrook Road 700 mtrs Class 2 30 mins
Purling Brook Falls Circuit
(Easiest to walk in a clockwise direction)
Forestry Rd, off Gold Coast-Springbrook Road
- Optional detour to Warringa Pool
4 km

+ 2 km
Class 3

Class 3
2 hours

+ 1 hour
Twin Falls Circuit Canyon Lookout 4 km Class 3 1.5–2 hours
Warrie /Goomoolahra Falls Circuit Canyon Lookout
- Optional detour to the Pinnacle
17 km
+ 3 km
Class 4
Class 4
5–6 hours
+ 1.5 hrs

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Access to this National Park is free.
Information centre, wheelchair access to toilets and picnic areas, BBQs, water on tap, camping and caravan sites, range of walking trails, constructed lookouts. There are cafes nearby to buy light meals, snacks.
Wet Weather
Don't let a bit of light rain scare you from bush walking - although ensure you have a change of clothing for when the walk is over, and take extra care of slippery rock surfaces.
Walking in heavier rains is not recommended, for both safety and environmental considerations.
Operating Hours
This NP is open 24 hours a day, all year round.
Walks to constructed lookouts range from 5-10 minutes. Longer, more difficult walks may take up to 8 hours.
Handy Hints
- The last section of the road from Mudgeeraba to Springbrook Plateau is narrow and windy, so drive with care.
- Also, there are few opportunities for overtaking, so if you have a trail of cars behind you, be courteous and pull into a layby to enable them to pass you.
- Read our handy hints for planning your rainforest trek.
- Check out our practical safety tips for bush walkers.
- Refer guidelines for how you can minimise your personal impact on the environment.
How To Get There
Make your way to Mudgeeraba village (Pacific Highway exit 79 from the north or exit 80 from the south). Then follow the Gold Coast-Springbrook Road for ~30 km until you reach the Springbrook national park.

Or refer to tour operators who offer day trips to national parks.
Further Info
Queensland NP&WS, 87 Carricks Road, Springbrook
Tel 07-5533 5147.

Springbrook National Park, Queensland

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