Surfing Lessons on the Gold Coast

Surfing lessons on the Gold Coast are a great way to start your holidays.

If you've ever dreamt of riding high on the crest of a turquoise wave; ever dreamt of catching a set, riding a tube, or feeling the power of the surf beneath your feet...

Or if you'd simply like to expand your fun on the wonderful Surfers Paradise beaches...
then surfing lessons on the Gold Coast are a must-do activity for you.

It may look difficult to the beginner - and a bit intimidating - but with an experienced coach, and with some practice, you'll be astonished at what you can achieve.

As a matter of fact, Gold Coast surf schools claim that an amazing 80% or more of the beginners who take a class will be standing up on the board after their first lesson - and not just on the sand, either!

And if you think surfing is for guys, think again. Plenty of the girls have been taking advantage of surfing schools for some time now and with some very fine results. You can even join a surfing class for girls only.

It doesn't matter what age you are, surf schools will teach budding surfers ranging from young kids right through to senior citizens.

In fact, whole families are encouraged to participate together - and why not! It's a proven, successful way to learn surfing - and it's a whole lot of fun!

You don't even have to be a beginner to sign up for lessons. If you've already mastered the basics and would like to take your skills to the next level, then surf coaching is just the thing.

Several surf schools on the Gold Coast engage coaches who have followed the professional surfing circuit for years, and even include some ex-world surfing champions.

Imagine the advanced techniques and manouevres you could pick up if you spent an hour or two with one of these coaches!

So, what does a surfing lesson involve?

An experienced surfer will paddle in front of a wave and smoothly move to a standing position in one fluid movement. Your surf coach will break this down into 4 easy steps which you'll be encouraged to practice several times - on a surfboard, on the sand! Learn to Surf, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

Your coach will help you with your technique and check the positioning of your feet to enable better balance on the board.

You'll also learn whether you're a goofy footer (right foot forward) or a natural footer (left foot forward) - one obvious side benefit of learning to surf with a professional, being the opportunity to learn a whole new vocabulary!

Your surfing lesson will also provide some valuable tips on carrying your board; how to paddle effectively; how to get out through the waves; and impart some valuable information on surf conditions and ocean awareness.

And once you're in the water, all parts of the surfing lesson will come together and click into place.

Of course, coping with real water and waves versus the sand does make a slight difference - but it's only a matter of practice.

Surfing schools use softboards for beginners.

These are long, wide and stable - and more importantly, are covered with a layer of foam to prevent injury if you're hit on the head by one in the surf ... but don't think you'll be out the back among the breakers on the first try! Learn to Surf, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

You'll be encouraged to stay in the white-wash for your first few attempts where it's easier for the coach to keep an eye on you and provide further tips as you begin to grasp the basic skills.

Several surfing schools on the Gold Coast offer surfing lessons on the Gold Coast all year round and at various times throughout the day.

Class sizes are limited, and all equipment is provided (including wetsuits for warmth in the cooler months).

The only requirement from you, the beginner, is that you are a reasonably confident swimmer. If in doubt, have a chat to the tour operators regarding your level of confidence in the water.

If you haven't tried this water activity before, I highly recommend that you check out a surfing lesson or two. Apart from being great value for money, learning to surf will bring you plenty of fun, challenge and excitement.

And the sense of achievement you'll experience when standing atop your first wave is something you'll long remember!

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Surf Lesson Operators Telephone Beach  
1st Wave Surfing 0412 729 747 Main Beach **
Australian School of Surfing 0413 380 933 B/w Coolangatta & Burleigh  
Australian Surfer Surf School 07-5538 7873 Surfers Paradise **
Brad Holmes Surf Coaching 07-5539 4068 Main Beach  
Broadbeach Surfschool 07-5538 4174 or 0416 621 899 Broadbeach **
Currumbin Alley Surf School 0412 181 424 Currumbin  
Get Wet Surf School 1800 438 938 The Spit  
Godfathers Of The Ocean 07-5593 5661 Burleigh Heads  
Paramount Surf School 07- 5593 6919 Burleigh Heads **
Sunshine State Surfing School 07-5522 8761 or 0408 022 544 Surfers Paradise **
Surf Easy Lessons & Hire 07-5525 6818 Currumbin Alley  
Surf In Paradise 1800 225 747 The Spit  
Surfing Queensland 07-5593 6919 or 07-5520 1165 Burleigh Heads  
Surfing Queensland Coaching Academy 07 5593 9080 Currumbin **
Surfing Services Australia 07-5535 5557 or 0411 235 080 Currumbin **
Walkin' on Water 07-5534 1886 or 0418 780 311 Coolangatta / Greenmount **
** Denotes a licenced Surfing Australia school

- $40-$50 per person for a 2 hour lesson, including all equipment (surfboard and wetsuit or rash-shirt).
- Some surf schools provide discounts for kids, with cost of $20-$30 for 2 hours.
- If you have a group of 3 or more, discounts may apply.
- Private lessons (1-on-1) cost $100-$200 per hour.
Beach toilets, showers.
Wet Weather
Does not operate in heavy rain.
Operating Hours
Daylight hours - all year round.
Most classes will be in the mornings, when surfing conditions are generally the best.
Typically 2 hours, but will vary depending on individual operators.
Handy Hints
- You don't have to be a great swimmer; however you should be reasonably confident in the ocean.
- Take a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (at least 15+ SPF) and be sure to re-apply sunscreen after more than 15 minutes in the water.
- Take plenty of drinking water, to avoid dehydration.
How To Get There
Refer map references below for beach locations.
Further Info
Refer surfing coaches listed in the table below.

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