Wakeboarding on the Gold Coast

Likened to snowboarding on water, you'll find wakeboarding on the Gold Coast to be an exciting, adrenaline-pumping sport that will provide loads of fun!

Experienced riders launch off the waves created behind the boat (ie. the boat's wake) and jump several feet in the air, performing some amazing aerial acrobatics.

But if you're a beginner, you'll be excited just to stay upright for more than ten minutes!

But don't be disheartened, and remember that even the most experienced riders were once beginners too, and everyone has to start somewhere, right?

You'll find that Gold Coast wakeboarding operators stick to fairly low speeds for beginners, and the size and design of the board also play an important role.

Short boards provide flexibility and are better suited for aerobatics, while beginners use large boards which are better for maintaining balance.

Also, beginners learn with a rope that is much shorter than the standard wakeboard rope. By riding closer behind the boat's wake, the waves are smaller and easier to clear.

Then once your confidence and skills improve, the rope can be lengthened to allow for more acceleration, higher jumps and increased air time!

As you learn, you'll find that probably the most challenging skill to master is balance. Launching yourself off the wake of the boat is the easy part - it's the landing that takes most practice. Girl Wakeboarding

The key is to make your landing as balanced as possible: the rope in your hand will be slack, so pulling on it to gain your balance will cause you to fall backwards!

Good balance will help you to stay upright - then the rope's slack will be picked up and the boat will pull you on.

Don't let this balance stuff put you off though! It's quite easy to learn the basics of wakeboarding, and you'll soon be doing it with confidence... it's the aerial tricks that take a little longer!

And one of the great things about this water activity is that kids can have a go too. In fact, with their often natural agility and sense of balance, they'll probably learn quicker than adults!

And even if you're no longer officially 'a beginner', and have tried wakeboarding once or twice, it's still worth getting out there again.

Not only is it great fun, but you can take the opportunity to learn some new skills from a different instructor.

Surely you'd like to know how to get bigger air off the wake? Perform a heelside 180? Or attempt a half-cab double back roll?

You'll find the calm waters of the Gold Coast broadwater make this an ideal location for wakeboarding. Not only is the sport itself loads of fun, there's also lots of activity around you to capture your interest, to ensure you thoroughly have a good time.

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$75 per person for 30 minutes.
Minimum numbers (at least 2) are required. If you are a single, it's still worth calling, as the operator may be able to take you out with another small group.
Toilet facilities are generally located in nearby park or marina, so take a rest-stop before joining the operator's boat.
Wet Weather
Suitable in light rains.
Operating Hours
All year round, during daylight hours.
Allow 1-2 hours for this activity if joining a tour operator. If hiring a boat, more than a few hours of this activity may have you feeling stiff and sore the next day!
Handy Hints
- Take hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (at least 15+ SPF).
- Take plenty of drinking water, to avoid dehydration.
- Rubber-soled surf booties may help beginners get a better grip on the wakeboard.
How To Get There
Departure locations may change from time to time, so check with operator.
Further Info
Gold Coast Wake & Ski School
76 Marine Parade, Southport
Tel 07-5591 3164 or 0412 277 184

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