Gold Coast Water Activities & Sports

There are some fabulous choices of water activities on the Gold Coast, which will provide hours of pleasure and delight!

I'll start with surfing, easily one of the more popular activities for several members of my own family - and thousands of visitors here as well!

And with two famous point breaks, 42 km of Gold Coast beaches, great weather, and water temperature that in winter is still a reasonable 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit), why wouldn't surfing be a popular water activity?

Two of my brothers have been surfing for more than 20 years, and try and get out every day to do it when they're on their Gold Coast holidays.

But I honestly don't know how they do it... no matter how late they go to bed, they still manage to be up at 5am the next morning to go and check out the surf! And this is not uncommon for surf lovers.

Of course, you don't have to get out of bed at 5am to go surfing on the Gold Coast. The beach is there 24/7, all year round.

And you'll happily find that all of the other water activities on offer begin at a more civilized time of day... at least, after breakfast!

The calm, protected waterways of the broadwater make it an excellent location for many water activities, whilst further along the coast are shipwrecks and coral reefs that are just waiting to be explored.

Scuba diving and snorkelling will open your eyes to the wonders of marine life below the surface, or if you prefer to be above the water, the water activities of parasailing, kayaking, or jetskiing may catch your interest.

You'll find many of these water activities are suitable for kids too, with buoyancy vests available for them to wear.

And the one thing all of these activities have in common?

They'll all get you outdoors and having fun - so much so that you'll forget that you're doing some healthy exercise at the same time!

So get out and try something new on your holidays - and add a sparkle of anticipation to your day.

It's not everyday that you have the time and easy access to the resources needed to do some of these water activities (unless you live nearby, of course!).

Sea Kayaking on Gold Coast Broadwater, Queensland TQ

Go Sea Kayaking
This is such a pleasurable water activity, & one that all the family will thoroughly enjoy. A popular route is to paddle from The Spit across to South Stradbroke Island, where you'll alight from your kayak and take a short hike through bushland to the beach. Then it's only a short paddle to Wavebreak Island, before returning home. And you may be lucky enough to have a dolphin encounter on your sea kayaking tour!

Jetskiing, Gold Coast Waterways, Queensland TQ

Seek Your Thrills on a Jetski Ride
Imagine the thrill of whizzing across the water, or powering to the crest of a wave aboard a jetski... the buzz you'll get from doing figure-eights and 'dropping donuts' in a floating carpark as big as the ocean! If you wish to extend your fun, spread your wings and explore further afield, join a jetski safari tour, which will take you on an adventure exploring Sanctuary Cove or some of the islands just off the Gold Coast.


Experience the Thrill of Parasailing
WHAT could be more exhilarating than hovering high above the aquamarine waters of the Gold Coast broadwater - eagerly searching for signs of marine life below? Your sweeping, bird's-eye view will take in the Surfers Paradise skyline and nearby South Stradbroke Island, and extends westward to the magnificent Gold Coast Hinterlands. This parasailing adventure will have you floating on air, and you will truly love this experience!

Scuba Diving, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland TQ

Discover the Wonders of Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is an amazing adventure that offers you an exciting and fascinating peep into the world of marine nature. It's a magical, mystical world that can only be fully appreciated once you've been there! An introductory Gold Coast scuba diving lesson or a 1-day resort dive are ideal if you've never been diving before... but be warned that first-timers may become hooked for the rest of their life!

Scuba Diver & Eagle Ray, Queensland

Scuba Diving for Experienced Divers
There are some great Gold Coast scuba diving locations for experienced divers visiting this region. There are several shipwrecks in the area with abundant marine life, and shellfish, corals and fish abound. There are also reefs with rocky outcrops, shelves, ledges, and occasional caves, which are mini ecosystems teeming with a huge variety of marine life, including turtles, rays, wobbegong and leopard sharks, colourful tropical fish, moray eels and more...

Snorkelling in the Marriott Hotel Lagoon, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

Try Snorkelling
Snorkelling is another way to see the delightful marine life on the ocean floor.Wave-break Island is a favourite spot, as the clear, shallow waters provide excellent conditions for this water activity. The Marriott Hotel Surfers Paradise lagoon is also a great place to snorkel; this lagoon is five metres deep, & is stocked with more than 20 species of tropical fish.

Surfing at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

Rip Curl Up the Hottest Surfing Spots
Surfers Paradise was aptly named, and renowned for providing some of the best surfing in Queensland. With two world-famous point breaks (at Burleigh Heads and Kirra Point), superb weather, fantastic surfing and water temperatures that average 21 degrees celsius even in winter, it should be no surprise that the Gold Coast has come to be known as a surfing Mecca!

Learn to Surf, Gold Coast, Queensland TQ

Learn to Surf
If you've ever dreamt of riding high on the crest of a turquoise wave, or would simply like to expand your fun on the wonderful Surfers Paradise beaches, then surfing lessons on the Gold Coast are for you. It may look difficult to the beginner - and a bit intimidating - but you'll be riding small waves before you know it... and the elation and pride you'll feel when standing atop your first wave is something you'll long remember!

Fishing on Gold Coast Jetty, Queensland TQ

Go Fishing (Land-Based)
Fishing is one of Australia's most popular recreational activities ... and there are plenty of opportunities to catch a big 'un on the Gold Coast! You'll have an enormous choice of great fishing spots, with several rivers, creeks and estuaries, and the sizable freshwater Hinze Dam. And there are beaches-a-plenty from which to cast a line!

Kids Learning to Windsurf

Learn to Windsurf
Windsurfing is a wonderful, challenging sport that combines surfing and sailing, lots of speed and movement ... and hours of entertainment. Experienced windsurfers make it look effortless and graceful... but you don't have to be a master of the sport to have fun. You'll find windsurfing the Gold Coast waterways to be great exercise, good entertainment and extremely enjoyable. Have a go!

Rockpools in Currumbin Valley JC

Swim in the Currumbin Rock Pools
Crystal clear mountain waters; warm, sun-drenched boulders, and welcoming shade. What better way to spend a hazy, tranquil summer day than to wend your way casually through the Currumbin Valley with a swim and picnic at the rockpools in mind? This is a popular place for families during summer - but with Queensland's temperate climate, the rock pools make an interesting and enjoyable day out all year-round!

Boy Having Fun Wakeboarding

Try Wakeboarding
Likened to snowboarding on water, you'll find wakeboarding in Surfers Paradise to be an exciting, adrenaline-pumping sport that will provide loads of fun! Experienced riders launch off the waves created behind the boat (ie. the boat's wake) and jump several feet in the air, performing some amazing aerial acrobatics. It's quite easy to learn the basics of wakeboarding, and you'll soon be doing it with confidence... it's the aerial tricks that take a little longer!

Kitesurfing at Narrowneck Beach, Gold Coast

Feel Exhilarated By Kitesurfing
Try your hand at kitesurfing - an extreme watersport on the Gold Coast that's great fun to watch and absolutely awesome to do! You'll be attached by harness to a large kite, feet strapped to a wakeboard. As you learn how to control the kite, you'll love the thrill of having it pull you across the water... or vertically into the air! Experienced riders can reach huge heights and produce some spectacular acrobatics, providing tremendous fun and excitement for those who have learned how to do it!

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