Visit the Wax Museum in Surfers Paradise

The Wax Museum in Surfers Paradise has figures of historic interest, crafted in wax.

Visit this attraction on the Gold Coast and you'll see JFK, Albert Einstein, Henry VIII and Captain James Cook - all under the same roof!

You'll see these famous figures, and many other English and US historical identities. There are a few Australians among the crowd (see if you can pick them out); a couple of New Zealanders and other nationalities.

And you'll also see a few more modern-day figures such as entertainer, Kylie Minogue, and ex-prime minister, John Howard.

The models are dressed in authentic period (or stage!) costume and their features generally show a good likeness.

However, if you're expecting to discover a local 'Madame Tussoud's'€™, you may be a little disappointed. Wax Museum, Surfers Paradise JC

Whilst the figures in the Surfers Paradise Wax Museum don't have the same high level of detail as Madame Tussoud, the sense of history and the excellent costumes still makes this an interesting exhibition.

The museum is divided into two sections - the Wax figure section, and the Chamber of Horrors.

The wax section includes the Fantasia Macabre exhibit, which features mythical creatures from horror movies, literature and legends.

Dracula, the Zombie, and Frankenstein's Monster lurk sinisterly in the gloom alongside some creatures so garish and bizarre, that you'll either get the giggles - or a good dose of goosebumps!

If you have kids with you, it may be a good idea to take a quick walk around this part of the exhibit to assess its suitability for your children.

The second part of the museum, the aptly named Chamber of Horrors, portrays many of the instruments and methods of torture used throughout medieval times.

I found this exhibition equally fascinating and chilling in nature, and a little disturbing. It's horrifying to realise that these tortures were actually inflicted on real people in bygone centuries!

Wax victims scream silently into the dark while your guide walks calmly among them, providing history and lurid details on the weapons of torture and their use€ - Wax Museum, Surfers Paradise JC

Devices with names including 'The Rat Torture'™, 'The Dis-emboweler'™, and 'The Flesh Tearer'™ give you an indication of this exhibit's grim nature.

You'll also see killing devices used in more recent history, including the gas chambers ordered by Hitler in World War II to exterminate millions of people of Jewish faith.

So it may not be suitable for young children.

And if you're prone to nightmares, the Chamber of Horrors may not be for you, either.

One thing's for sure, you'll definitely come out of this exhibit feeling exceptionally grateful for living in a civilized country in the 21st century!

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Price for entry to both the Wax Museum & Chamber of Horrors:
Adults: $28
Kids (3 - 13 years): $21
Family (2 adults/ 2 kids): $84
Wet Weather
Venue is indoors.
Operating Hours
Open 10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week.
Closed on Christmas Day (Dec 25) & reduced hours on Anzac Day (April 25).
1-2 hours.
Handy Hints
- The Chamber of Horrors section may not be suitable for younger children (refer main article).
How To Get There
Cnr Ferny Ave (Gold Coast Hwy) & Elkhorn Ave, Surfers Paradise.
Refer map below.
Further Info
Wax Museum: Tel 07-5538 3975

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