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Come & play in the beautiful Gold Coast Australia, where there's so much to see and do, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Hello, and welcome to Gold-Coast-Australia-Holidays. This is an insider's guide to everything you need to plan and organise your holiday, including best value accommodation and where to stay, car rental, great restaurants to visit, maps, weather, and more than 101 things to do.

I lived in Queensland on the beautiful Gold Coast for seven years, before moving to Brisbane, and then Melbourne. (And no, it wasn't a case of the 'seven year itch'; far from it, but that's another story.) I do, however, return regularly to Surfers Paradise to visit friends and to holiday!

Over the years I lived here, I had many visits from family and friends who came to stay and, as their host, I would search high and low for activities and things to do that would suit the age, interests and budget of my guests.

My brothers and sisters have 13 children between them, and I had nieces and nephews ranging in age from toddlers up to teenagers, so a range of family activities was required to suit holiday budgets - and to burn all the energy produced by kids each day!

Everyone in my family loves to go to the beach, and the Surfers Paradise beaches (and other beaches too) are simply stunning. You can choose from 42 gorgeous, pristine beaches, where you'll almost always find a range of conditions to suit your needs.

Incredibly, you can swim in the Pacific Ocean all year round- even in winter, the water temperature is a reasonable 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit).

So whether you're looking for a sheltered beach with baby waves for the kids, or looking for a beach with bigger waves for surfing (which my brothers love!), or something in between, Gold Coast Australia has a beach for you here.

And my sisters, being female, loved shopping and browsing through markets - no further research required, as I had that one already sorted!

My parents were retired from paid work (they still do a lot of community work) and, although reasonably active, really liked relaxing and 'just chilling out' when they visited - I think they picked up this phrase from one of their teenage grandsons (it takes a bit of getting used to when you hear it from a 70-year-old!).

However, my dad occasionally likes to get out with 'the boys' and choose a golf course from among the more than 30 courses here. I won't embarrass the males in my family by telling you their average scores; the important thing is that they all have fun!

(Oh, and the males in my family aren't chauvinists - the girls can play golf too... it's just that we prefer to shop instead!)

In addition to family, the friends who made their way to the Gold Coast Australia naturally had a range of interests too, including the beach (no surprises there!) and discovering Surfers Paradise pubs and nightlife - with Jupiters casino featuring prominently.

One friend made it his personal mission to find the best Gold Coast Australia bar - I don't know how his liver is doing, but he collected some great research for me to share with you!

Other interests include one of my personal favourites, tranquil walks or longer energetic treks through the beautiful rainforest of the Lamington national park, or the Springbrook or Burleigh Heads national parks.

Here you can choose paths to take you to waterfalls, with lookout platforms along the way to view the spectacular scenery of the Gold Coast Australia Hinterland.

If you don't have your own car (and choose not to organise a car rental), or prefer to have someone else do the driving, there's a range of day tours available which include national parks and winery visits on their itineraries.

There are also some great tourist drives around Surfers Paradise, such as through the Tweed Valley and Coast, or south to the iconic Byron Bay in northern NSW - just an hour's drive away.

Or, if you love getting out on the water, there are a number of marinas from which fishing charters and sailing ships and other cruises depart.

And the unique canal system, rivers and calm broadwater that make up the extensive Gold Coast Australia waterways, combined with generally sunny weather, make for smooth sailing conditions for boat hire and boating or enjoying a cruise.

If relaxing is one of your aims for this holiday, it's hard to go past a day spa experience. I, and several of my girlfriends, can highly recommend this as a brilliant way to treat yourself or your significant other (not-so-subtle hint to my brothers, and other male readers!) to a wonderful few hours of absolute bliss.

Whichever day spa package you choose, you'll feel like a million dollars afterwards.

And the one thing all my visitors had in common?

They all loved the iconic Gold Coast Australia theme parks, which are guaranteed to entertain and thrill you during your visit to the coast! Whether you choose to visit Sea World, Warner Bros Movie World, Dreamworld or Wet n Wild Water World, these parks offer incredible experiences and amazingly good fun.

And two recent theme park additions are White Water World, and Adventure Parc - visiting these themeparks is already on my list of things to do for when I next holiday in Surfers Paradise.

Oh, and the one other thing all my visitors had in common?

They all loved to eat (OK, I do too!)- and with literally hundreds of restaurants, cafes and eateries, as well as many parks with picnic & BBQ facilities, there is lots of opportunity to explore!

So I got to know and love the Gold Coast very well indeed!

I decided to create this website to share my knowledge and help other visitors who may be planning to this beautiful part of South East Queensland and holiday in Gold Coast Australia. I'll provide useful advice and insider's tips for finding accommodation, car hire, and an extensive range of attractions and things to do.

You'll find lots of free and inexpensive activities - and many of these you won't find in the tourism brochures, as they're not typically advertised. You generally need to be a local, or have local contacts, to know about them.

I give fair warning that I am a 'details' person, so I may have gone a little bit overboard in presenting all the information.

But there are so many things to see and do on the Gold Coast Australia - it really is an outstanding, fantastic place to visit - and I didn't want to leave any of them out, just in case it's something you're interested in.

But if you're not a details person, don't despair.

Each article has a 'Fast Facts' box provided, which you can quickly scan - if you're interested, you can read the further details. If you're not interested, or the activity is priced out of this holiday's budget, just click back and go check out something else. It's simple and easy, and won't waste your time!

I'm having great fun setting up my first website, so please stay tuned as I continue to add lots of new information. My aim is to make this site an interesting, one-stop place for you to find everything you need to plan and organise your Gold Coast Australia holiday.

If I've succeeded, and you've enjoyed this site and found it to be useful, please tell your friends and family to check it out too.

And the site is regularly updated, so please bookmark this site, and return again soon.

Enough talk from me.

It's time to get serious about playing, and planning your holiday to Gold Coast Australia.

Happy holidays!


PS. A huge thankyou to all the photographers who provided many of the beautiful Gold Coast Australia images used on this site!

Surfers at Coolangatta, Gold Coast TQ
Sea Kayaking, Gold Coast TQ
Surfer at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast TQ
Fishing on Jetty at Gold Coast TQ
Corkscrew Ride, Sea World, Gold Coast TQ
Lethal Weapon Ride, Movie World, Gold Coast TQ
Tower of Terror Ride, Dreamworld, Gold Coast TQ
Water Slide at Wet n Wild, Gold Coast TQ
Polar Bear Cubs at Sea World, Gold Coast TQ
Dolphin Program at Sea World, Gold Coast TQ
Kangaroo at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast TQ
Hiker Beside Stream at Binna Burra, Gold Coast TQ
Elabana Falls near O'Reillys, Gold Coast TQ
Horseriding in Gold Coast Hinterland TQ
Golf at Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast TQ
Bikeriding at Burleigh Heads TQ
Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast TQ
Family relaxing on Currumbin Beach TQ
Relaxing on Gold Coast Broadwater TQ
Massage at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Gold Coast TQ
Hot Air Ballooning at Hinze Dam, Gold Coast TQ

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